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017 - The BS Of Spiritual Gaslighting

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Trigger Warning:  This conversation includes topics around child loss and difficulties conceiving and domestic abuse.


OOF!  This was a juicy one!


In this episode you'll hear me chatting to Faye Edwardes and Jade Stoner about the Spiritual Gaslighting that can occur.  In other words, the advice that "you just don't want it enough" in the face of not having something you desperately desire, or otherwise suggesting that you have created your own negative experiences.


As always, we have open, honest and raw conversations, some of which may be triggering, so please check the trigger warning before listening and wear headphones around sensitive ears, as the language can get as fruity as the topics at times!


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Featured on this episode:


Lilli Badcock - Sound Reiki Master, Professional Singer and founder of Sing To Heal.


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Faye Edwardes - Positive Psychology Master Coach and Best-selling Author

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Jade Stoner - Spiritual Life Coach

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