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016 - LIVE MASTERCLASS with Dr Sabrina Piergrossi: From Wounded Healer To Sovereign Alchemist

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Sabrina presents the key pillars involved in becoming a truly Masterful Healer and Alchemist. What you think is a "block", and in your way, is something you can learn to decode, clear and alchemise the root causes of, to find your true way!   What is "in" the way, IS The Way.   Liberating you so you can live from your true abundance, your desired New Earth timeline. This is how we co-create the New Earth.   As within, so without.   This was a powerful healing and learning experience!   We discussed…   Feeling weighed down by thoughts of what it means to be a human on this planet The concept that what feels ‘in the way’ IS the way What energy reversals are and how they show up in our lives - spoiler alert if you feel stuck in a rut this could be GOLD for you!   And SO much more!   Sabrina also facilitated live on the spot healing which ended up shifting everyone on the call! Talk about being part of the collective!   You can connect with Sabrina using the following links:   Check out her website here: https://www.sabrinapiergrossi.com/   Book her incredible Italian Alps Retreat here: https://www.sabrinapiergrossi.com/retreat-italy-June-2023   And we would love to invite you to join us in The Spiritual Network Facebook Group here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/thespiritualnetworkofficial  

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