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015 - Money and Energy Part 5

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In this fifth and final instalment from our Money and Energy series, we wrap up our conversation and share some final thoughts that we hope will be helpful to those of you listening.


One point I want to underline is this notion so many of us have that we shouldn't complain because someone else has it worse.  Whilst this may seem like a helpful way to make ourselves feel better, what we are actually doing is diminishing our own experience and not allowing ourselves to process how we're feeling.


I loved this whole conversation and I'm so honoured to share this with you.  


Thank you as always to my guests, whose links are posted below, should you want to get in touch.


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Featured on this episode:


Lilli Badcock - Sound Reiki Master, Professional Singer and founder of Sing To Heal.


Connect with Lilli


Cat Ray - Chronic Illness Advocate and Host Of The Rising From The Illness Podcast


Connect With Cat


Jade Stoner - Spiritual Life Coach and Host of the Soul Growth Podcast.


Connect with Jade


Karen Astill - Transformational Life Coach


Connect With Karen


Fleur Barnfather - Intuitive, Visionary Artist


Connect With Fleur


Lais Stephan - Spiritual Leader, Psychic Healer, Writer and Women's Empowerment Coach


Connect With Lais


Gael Wood - Coach, Entrepreneur, Author


Connect With Gael


Verena Macdonald


Connect with Verena

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