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009 - Choosing Faith; Choosing Hope

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Trigger warning:  Discussions about loss and terminal illness.


In this episode we discuss the belief that some of us grew up with that good behaviour would somehow save us from challenges and the realisation as you grow up that this isn't how the world works.


This is an open, honest and frank discussion sharing our own experiences of loss, our beliefs stemming from our own personal challenges and what we think it is really all about!


Please remember that the beliefs, ideas and concepts shared on this show are personal to each of us sharing and in no way are meant to diminish or overshadow the experiences or beliefs of someone else.


As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on this!  Please make sure you join us over in The Spiritual Network facebook group, where we can continue the conversation and you can connect with the amazing guests on this show.


Featured on this episode:

Lilli Badcock - Professional Singer and Sound Reiki Healer

Connect with Lilli


Sheri Bagwell - Therapist and Energy Healer 

Connect with Sheri

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