Learn Yoruba With Yèyé Yorùbá podcast

Learn Yoruba With Yèyé Yorùbá

Yoruba Learning Centre

Yoruba Learning Centre is aimed at teaching Yoruba Language for both children and adults at beginners, Intermediate and advance stages. We hope to help learners on how to effectively communicate with your loved ones in an exciting, educating and effective manner. Tune in to this podcast every week to learn more. For questions, observation or private tutoring, contact us via [email protected] Follow us on Instagram on @yeyeyoruba Don't miss an episode!

4 Episodes

  • Learn Yoruba With Yèyé Yorùbá podcast

    Days of the Week


    In this episode you will learn about the days of the week. Meaning of time related words in Yoruba and songs. Please send a DM on Instagram if you are enjoying this lessons me. For sponsorship, donation and enquire send an email to [email protected]
  • Learn Yoruba With Yèyé Yorùbá podcast

    Consonants and Vowels Letters


    Listen to learn more about consonants and vowels letters in Yoruba Language and the various rules guiding word structure in Yoruba. Dm me @yeyeyoruba on Instagram for enquiry, promotion and tutoring.
  • Learn Yoruba With Yèyé Yorùbá podcast

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  • Learn Yoruba With Yèyé Yorùbá podcast

    The Yoruba Alphabets


    In this episode, I talked about the Yoruba Alphabets. Why it is important to learn. I recited the Yoruba alphabets. I also talked about differences between the English alphabets and the Yoruba Alphabets. I ended it with a song. To learn more visit my website https://yorubalearningcentre.wordpress.com/2021/04/24/the-yoruba-alphabets/ . You can also visit my Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/p/CNlOpYABzjH/?igshid=1twdu0i28a3ue for suggestions, observation and questions contact us via [email protected]
  • Learn Yoruba With Yèyé Yorùbá podcast

    Learn Yoruba Language


    Do you want to learn Yoruba Language? Are you a beginner with little to no prior knowledge in communicating in Yoruba Language. I'm this podcast, you learn how to speak Yoruba Language fluently. You will learn intonation (àmì ohùn), yoruba Grammar, Numbers and lot more. Tune to this podcast every Tuesday to learn more contents that is sure to bring you closer to your Yoruba learning journey.

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