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Finding Funded Contentment, with Brian Portnoy & Neil Bage

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What has the pandemic taught us about wealth and what my guests today refer to as 'funded contentment'?

I'm delighted to welcome back to Informed Choice Radio two of my favourite people from the world of behavioural finance.

Brian Portnoy is one of the world’s leading experts on the psychology of money.  

He has written multiple bestselling books, including The Geometry of Wealth, and has 20+ years of experience as investor and educator in the hedge fund and mutual fund industries.  He is a CFA Charterholder and earned a PhD at the University of Chicago. 

Neil Bage is an expert at bridging complex behavioral science with practical, tech-enabled application.

He has served as a Chief Behavioral Officer for a UK-based financial planning firm and was the founder of an award-winning behavioral technology business. Neil has presented to thousands of business professionals around the world on human evolution, human biology, and behavioral psychology.

As experts in psychology, finance, technology, and learning, Brian, Neil and their colleagues at Shaping Wealth combine science and story to show people how to underwrite a meaningful life. It’s what they call "funded contentment."

Here’s my conversation with Brian Portnoy and Neil Bage of Shaping Wealth, in episode 555 of Informed Choice Radio.

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  • Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast podcast

    565 Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom, with Robin Powell


    Whatever financial freedom means to you – living the life you want, not working to someone else’s timetable, not worrying about money ever again, or some other dream – the way to get there is through investing. My guest on the podcast today is Robin Powell, co-author of Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom. Robin and his co-author Ben Carlson share in the book the path to financial freedom through sensible saving and straightforward investing. In our conversation today, we talk about the importance of starting early, why you should strive to improve your earnings potential, and the difference the right and wrong financial adviser. Here’s my conversation with Robin Powell, co-author of Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom, in episode 565 of Informed Choice Radio.
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    Fraud and asset recovery, with Tim Carter & James Lister


    We know that scams are increasingly prevalent during the pandemic. With a growing number of people falling victim to Ponzi schemes, corporate fraud and other nasty scams, what action can you take if you lose money? My guests on the podcast today are Tim Carter and James Lister from Stevens & Bolton LLP. Tim advises on all aspects of restructuring and corporate and personal insolvency, including distressed business sales. His clients range from insolvency practitioners, corporates, stakeholders and other investors to directors and individuals. He has particular expertise in matters involving insolvency litigation. James specialises in private wealth disputes, dealing with trust, estate and succession matters within the UK and internationally. James also deals with disputes where trusts and private wealth issues are involved in wider commercial disputes, such as fraud and asset recovery. In this episode, we discuss how HMRC is cracking down on Covid loan scheme fraud, what attracts people to Ponzi schemes and how to avoid them, steps you can take if you have been the victim of fraud, and much more.
  • Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast podcast

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  • Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast podcast

    Understanding the Trust Registration Service, with Adrian Moss


    If you're a trustee, you need to know about the Trust Registration Service. My guest on the podcast today is Adrian Moss, Trusts and Tax Director at Penningtons Manches Cooper. Adrian manages the Penningtons Manches Cooper trust and personal tax administration team which provides an accurate, efficient and cost-effective accounting and tax compliance service to clients. The team is involved in over 500 active trust administrations and the preparation of over 150 personal tax returns. As a specialist in the taxation of UK trusts, individuals, beneficiaries of non-residence trusts and remittance basis-users, Adrian applies his expertise to a wide variety of family situations, allowing the firm to provide a full legal and administrative service to trustees, executors and individuals. In this episode, Adrian explains the background to the Trust Registration Service, everything trustees need to know, and why privacy concerns are perhaps a little overblown. Here's my conversation with Adrian Moss, Trusts and Tax Director at Penningtons Manches Cooper, in episode 563 of Informed Choice Radio.
  • Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast podcast

    Stopping financial sabotage before it stops you, with Catherine Morgan


    The meaning we attach to money becomes the lens that we think, feel and behave with money. My guest on the podcast today is Catherine Morgan, an entrepreneur, keynote speaker and multi-award winning money coach. Catherine is host of the In Her Financial Shoes podcast which helps you to get in control of money, gain financial confidence, learn how to invest and save money. In our conversation today, we discuss the imprinting period in childhood that forms many of the emotions around money, why were are naturally attracted to people who have the opposite relationship to money, and the impact of Covid on our financial attitudes. Here’s my conversation with Catherine Morgan, host of the In Her Financial Shoes podcast, in episode 562 of Informed Choice Radio.
  • Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast podcast

    Securing a second passport, with Brandon Miller


    Do you ever dream about upping sticks and moving to a different country? Perhaps you have one eye on the future and want the security of a second passport, 'just in case' things go wrong in your home country. My guest on the podcast today is Brandon Miller, founder of Maple Immigration Services, a boutique immigration practice in Toronto, Canada. Brandon is author of Second Passport: Your guide to have a secure alternative home for you and your family, just in case... When he graduated from University, Brandon left Canada for South Korea, a journey which changed his life forever and started him on a path to helping others obtain a second passport. He has helped countless people find their way to Canadian shores and settle in successfully to their new homes. During our chat today, we discuss what Brandon calls the Canadian Ponzi scheme, some of the benefits of living in Canada, and why you need a plan before applying for a second passport. Here's my conversation with Brandon Miller, author of Second Passport, in episode 561 of Informed Choice Radio.
  • Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast podcast

    Dealing with finances when getting divorced, with Charlotte Plowman


    Getting divorced can be an expensive business. Where divorcing parties end up in court to settle their financial arrangements, those legal expenses can become substantial. My guest on the podcast today is Charlotte Plowman, an Associate Solicitor at Family Law Partners in Horsham. Charlotte has specialist expertise advising in all aspects of family breakdown and divorce, dissolution or separation, including the financial aspects and arrangements for children. She provides advice in cases which involve significant and complex financial assets held within the UK and internationally. Such cases often include foreign assets, pensions, business interests and dissipation of assets. In our conversation today, we look at what divorce means for your money. Charlotte explains the various options for negotiating and reaching a financial settlement, and why ending up in front of a judge is likely to be a very bad idea. Here’s my conversation with Charlotte Plowman from Family Law Partners, in episode 560 of Informed Choice Radio.
  • Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast podcast

    Mindful Investing, with Jonathan Satovsky


    My guest on the podcast today is Jonathan Satovsky, the CEO and Chief Behavioral Coach of Satovsky Asset Management. Jonathan provides leadership, coaching, advanced financial planning, and oversight across client relationships and business operations. Jonathan has spent more than 25 years in the wealth advisory business. He wears two hats in his company as both the CEO and the Chief Behavioral Officer. During our conversation today, Jonathan explains why controlling and fully understanding our behavior us just as important as understanding the accounts. He offers the easy steps they we take immediately to begin investing mindfully for both the short and long-term. We talk about an effective process to determine goals in life, the value in taking an improv class, and the three pillars of wealth we all need to consider. Here’s my conversation with Jonathan Satovsky, chief behavioural coach, in episode 559 of Informed Choice Radio.
  • Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast podcast

    Reignite your inner drive, with Sharath Jeevan


    Do you ever feel like you’re going through the motions, at work or at home? It’s common to feel jaded and unhappy with the various organisations of which we are a part. Life doesn’t have to feel like this. My guest on the podcast today is Sharath Jeevan, Founder and Executive Chairman at Intrinsic Labs. Sharath is one of the world’s leading experts on how to practically re-ignite the inner-drive (or intrinsic motivation) in our lives. In his new book, Intrinsic: A manifesto to reignite our inner drive, Sharath uses motivation thinking not just to accurately diagnose the problems so many feel, but to find solutions. During our conversation today, he makes some suggestions for how we can achieve more lasting fulfilment and success in our work, careers, relationships, parenting, and as citizens. We’re talking today about working in a winner takes all culture, why there is no such thing as work-life balance, and the value in finding a nurturer. Here’s my conversation with Sharath Jeevan in episode 558 of Informed Choice Radio.
  • Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast podcast

    Strategies to Avoid Financial Regrets, with Sten Morgan


    Anyone who has learned a financial lesson the hard way has probably thought, "I wish I knew that sooner". We've all got financial regrets, some big and some small. My guest on the podcast today wants people to have access to the right financial information at the right time, before they do the wrong thing. Sten Morgan is a Certified Financial Planner and founded Legacy Investment Planning as an alternative to traditional financial advisers. He's on a mission to bring creativity back to the financial industry and to help as many people as possible avoid the financial regrets that come from wishing they would have known sooner. In our conversation today, we discuss the importance of focusing on the big financial decisions, why the cash emergency fund needs an urgent rethink, and how the pandemic has influenced our financial decision making. Here’s my conversation with Sten Morgan, author of Wish I Knew That Sooner, in episode 557 of Informed Choice Radio.
  • Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast podcast

    Crypto Wars, with Erica Stanford


    Crypto is always in the headlines, with a growing number of people speculating on Bitcoin, Ethereum and other tokens. But, along with the rest of the financial industry, scams are rife. Thousands of people lost billions of dollars in the OneCoin scam, masterminded by the now infamous Missing Cryptoqueen, called 'one of the biggest scams in history'. How can you protect yourself from losing out? My guest on the podcast today is Erica Stanford, a crypto expert and educator. Erica is author of Crypto Wars: Faked Deaths, Missing Billions & Industry Disruption, highlighting the real stories behind some of the biggest crypto scams in the world. She's founder of crypto networking and events organisation the Crypto Curry Club, and a lecturer at Warwick Business School. In this conversation, I chat with Erica about distinguishing between the use case for crypto and the scam element of the industry, what some of the crypto scams look like, and the things you need to watch out for to avoid being scammed. Here's my conversation with Erica Stanford, author of Crypto Wars, in episode 556 of Informed Choice Radio.

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