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    Matter Health: Fuelling innovation


    It might sound like a tough ask supporting both healthcare corporations and startups. But Matter makes it sound simple: deprogram corporate managers and reprogram entrepreneurs. Matter is a healthcare startup incubator, community nexus and corporate innovation accelerator. Even though no company is quite ever the same, CEO Steven Collens has seen first-hand what the successful ones have in common. He joins Hanno to share insights from the heart of healthcare.TimestampsWhat Matter does (3:19)Space for serendipity (6:41)Solving problems as a startup vs corporation (7:54)How a large organisation can get in to faster iterative feedback loops (13:05)Generating market insights (16:44)Supporting entrepreneurs (18:57)Cross-pollination between corporates and startups (21:19)The common solutions companies want to solve (27:23)Mindset of collaborating, not competing (29:07)What the future of healthcare is shaping to be like (30:04)The biggest barrier to healthcare innovation (32:50)Startups at Matter (37:30)What first three roles Steven would hire for a new team (42:12)Key LinksMatterTwitterLinkedInHealthcare by 2040Babylon HealthHealthRedesigned with Babylon HealthRegroup
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    Carbon Health: Experience beyond software


    How do you redesign a primary care clinic and its services so it’s built for today? Can we tailor experiences to the psychology of the patients? Can we design tools for clinicians that balance disrupting their workflows with creating efficiencies? We chat to Kerem Suer, VP of Design at Carbon Health to find out more. Tune in to discover how intentionality in design is bringing the online and the offline much closer together.TimestampsMission (0:54)Kerem’s role in the company (1:37)What does it mean to design for an experience (2:14)Online & offline accessibility (4:23)Core strengths of software within experience (5:19)Tensions between disrupting workflows and creating efficiencies (9:34)Intentionality in the design process (12:13)Learning about audience (16:59)Three core Carbon principles (18:54)Traversing the line between software and physical spaces (20:51)Creating physical spaces (25:29)Biggest learning of becoming an experience designer? (30:18)Key LinksCarbon Health’s WebsiteTwitterLinkedInInstagram
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    NovoNordisk: The role of an anthropologist


    Now you might be thinking what exactly is the role of an anthropologist in digital health? We speak to Eva Vankilde, anthropologist and specialist in patient insights at NovoNordisk to find out. Join us as we deep dive into what it actually means to be an anthropologist in health, how it differs from things like user research and how building empathy is a sure fire way of navigating the complexity of creating services for people living with chronic conditions.TimestampsThe role of an anthropologist (1:38)Where anthropology goes beyond user research (2:45)Overlaps with user research (4:21)Seeing diabetes through multiple lenses (9:43)Kicking off a project (11:25)Building empathy (13:40)Surprising insights in the field (19:39)Embracing chronicity (26:52)Relaying insights back to the team to enable action and innovation (32:08)How to introduce anthropology into your organisation (39:38)The exciting advancing technologies that are helping diabetes (43:22)Key LinksNovoNordiskTwitterLinkedInEva’s LinkedIn
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    DataSwift: Ethical health data


    With new apps and health technology flourishing, the exponential rise of health data feels inevitable. But what can we do to ensure patients' data is ethically and securely handled in the products we create? We chat to Irene Ng, Market Design Economist and CEO of DataSwift about the power of personal data accounts and what it could mean for healthcare.TimestampsHealth, wealth and data (1:40)Personal data servers (4:38)Personalisation of healthcare and computation (8:17)Personal data accounts and interoperability (12:35)Apple and Google Hub as health hubs (13:27)Protecting users from centralised health hubs (13:57)Empowering people with health data (15:35)Creating standards for new apps to emerge (17:40)Bringing economists into the healthcare space (18:22)Health systems liberating personal data (19:39)How to become more knowledgeable with data in the health space (21:39)Key LinksDataswift’s WebsiteDataswift HAT ServerDataswift’s TwitterUniversity of WarwickHAT: Hub-of-all-ThingsEthicalTechAlliance.orgEuropean CommissionWorld Economic Forum
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    Onboard Health: Democratising health access


    Technology has made a huge leap to democratising access to healthcare. But to truly make this a reality, we need to be sure we’re hearing all voices in society. Ranging from who is in your team, to who you’re interviewing in your research: are all voices being heard? André Blackman, CEO of Onboard Health, has discovered that to build a healthy community we need shared narratives that enable us to co-create solutions.TimestampsGetting into the public health space (3:08)Progress in health over the past 15 years (7:58)Company success stories (11:35)The power of visual storytelling (14:40)Musings from The Sustain or Die Manifesto (15:41)Democratising health access (16:12)The importance of more design in healthcare (20:41)Tensions between public health & scaling innovation (22:11)Why technology itself is not the full solution to health concerns (25:27)Advice for the next generation of health innovators (27:52)The five roles he’d hire first if he started a health company today (28:57)Key LinksOnboard Health WebsiteAndré’s TwitterOnboard’s TwitterPulse and Signal Blog‘Why Healthcare Needs Designers’ blog postTEDMEDAspen Ideas FestivalCommencement Address at University of Maryland, 2016HealthRedesigned with Omada HealthCityblock HealthSidewalk LabsDell Medical SchoolThe Fast Forward Health Film FestivalThe Sustain or Die ManifestoThe Khan AcademySusannah FoxChip and Dan HeathPlayworks OrganisationKaBoom!Dr Lisa FitzpatrickBJ FoggSteph Habif from Tandem Diabetes
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    Zero: Designing for self-efficacy


    Like many companies we’ve interviewed on the show, Zero is no exception to setting a bold mission. Theirs is to “help people around the world harness the power of fasting to live healthier and longer lives”. But how do you transform a relatively daunting health practice and make it accessible, fun and most importantly achievable? We chat to Matthew Silva the Head of Product at Zero to find out more. TimestampsThe rise in fasting’s popularity (1:09)Alcohol consumption and mindful drinking (4:12)How the Zero journey started (6:19)Making fasting accessible through technology (8:58)Building the Zero community and group fasting (11:10)Mood tracking whilst fasting (13:47)Building ‘keystone’ habits (17:30)The next step in the product journey after building self-awareness (19:30)Parallels with the personal finance space (24:42)Matt’s role as Head of Product (27:39)Building the Fast Journal (29:30)Potential new features for the app (31:17)Key LinksZero’s WebsiteZero’s TwitterZero’s LinkedInSaved by Zero by Mike MaserZero’s Chief Medical Officer Peter AttiaZero Q&A with Rhonda Patrick and Mike MaserLessDrinks.comCity group fastsFitBitFitCoachHeadspaceDishoom#BreakFastWithZeroJerry Seinfeld ‘Night vs Morning guy’‘Why We Sleep’ by Matt Walker
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    The organising principles of health design


    What are the guiding design principles that we are going to use when creating new health products for the 21st century? Can we preserve and elevate the relationships between the clinician and the patients with good design? In this episode we chat with Dr. Bon Ku, co-author of Health Design Thinking, to discuss how the role of design in healthcare can transform the industry.TimestampsLearnings interviewing designers, adapted to the health space (3:27)Examples in the book of how design has been applied to healthcare (6:20)Describing human centered design or design thinking to healthcare professionals (9:40)Design having a seat at the table (12:46)Human centred products and trust (14:36)Practical methods and guiding principles (16:47)Implementing learnings from the book as a healthcare leader (23:52)Sneaking in design (27:55)What designers can learn from healthcare professionals (34:04)ROI in design and healthcare (36:26)Undervaluing the role of design in healthcare (38:00)How space impacts health (39:39)Key LinksHealth Design ThinkingPillPackHanno Echo EpisodeMASS Design GroupKieran TimberlakeDr Bon Ku’s TwitterEllen Lupton’s Twitter
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    Echo: Removing barriers to medical adherence


    Getting medicine into people’s hands is not easy. Encouraging patients to stick to their medication can be even trickier. Can the psychological obstacles patients face be solved with an app? Echo is an online repeat prescription service determined to answer that question. As the original end-user of his very own product, co-founder Stephen Bourke has been on the front lines of their mission to simplify pharmacy. In this episode we discuss how design bleeds into all facets of his business and why convenience really is the key to medical adherence.TimestampsEcho’s Mission (1:20)Removing the barriers to medical adherence (4:30)A more honest relationship with technology (9:39)The rise of convenience in healthcare (11:45)Design & Simplifying Pharmacy (14:46)On pragmatism and prioritisation (19:03)Improving health outcomes (20:47)Where comparisons to consumer tech breakdown (23:14)Underpinning waste in the healthcare system (27:52)Measuring success (31:06)Data & Privacy (34:45)Key LinksEcho’s WebsiteEcho’s TwitterEcho’s LinkedInMcKessonLloyds PharmacyNever mind the Blockchain, we need to fix the basics23andMeWHO[NICE] ( DoctorPatchworkZestyInfinity HealthStephen’s LinkedInStephen’s Twitter
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    Babylon: Venturing beyond telemedicine


    Babylon’s goal is to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to everyone in the world. It’s a big mission that certainly demands a tribe of top talent. In under 14 months, the Babylon design team alone has scaled from 4 to almost 90 employees. Navigating this rapid growth has been scale up specialist and Director of Product Design, Jane Austin. In this episode we discuss the impact design has had on the company, both externally and internally, on their journey to becoming a global health service provider. TimestampsWhat is Babylon Health? (1:04) Working with the team in Rwanda (2:52)Beyond telemedicine (4:03)The challenges of marketing a multi-use app (5:28)Jane’s role in the business as Director of Product Design (7:41)The role of design operations (9:09)The growing importance of design for Babylon (10:08)What they look for as a member of their design team (11:24)Developing the right company culture (12:32)How and why they treat the design system as an internal product (15:25)The Rwandan vs UK market (17:31)The power of storytelling for designers (18:23)Empowered, autonomous teams (21:20)Humanising data (23:55)Key LinksBabylon‘Diagnosis on Demand? The Computer Will See You Now’ – Babylon DocumentaryMonitorSpotify SquadsJane's Twitter
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    Emmett: A parent's personal diabetes assistant


    It’s hard to imagine the cognitive load for a caregiver with a child who has Type 1 diabetes. There are hundreds of decisions to make each day and none of them trivial. Technological advances have gone a long way to helping, but more often than not, they only contribute to the overwhelming amount of information caregivers have to process. Is there a way in which we can use technology to ease that burden rather than add to it? In this episode we talk to Dan Korelitz about his journey as a parent to find a better way to manage his son’s diabetes.TimestampsDan’s story (1:34)A tale of two Emmetts (4:20)A day in the life of a parent of a child with type 1 diabetes (5:11)The cognitive load of managing diabetes (7:46) Hacking an Alexa (10:08)How a finance background led to the app being created (14:05)What makes the Emmett app different (19:32)Key LinksEmmett Youtube VideoEmmett Skill DemoDan’s LinkedIn

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