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Haunted House Podcast

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We talk about all things spooky but also like to laugh. Most of the time we have a friend on to share experiences but other times we watch a movie. Check it out.

21 Episodes

  • Haunted House Podcast podcast

    S2E8: It Follows w/ Ben


    We gather round the computer screen to talk with Andrew's friend Ben. Despite the name, we do not discuss the movie It Follows. But, Ben does share some pretty great stories!
  • Haunted House Podcast podcast

    S2E7: Tyler Gets a Phone Call w/ Tyler


    Andrew and Isaac conjure up their friend Tyler to talk about all his spooky happenings and there might be a little reminiscing that goes on. 
  • Haunted House Podcast podcast

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  • Haunted House Podcast podcast

    S2E6: Lifesavers w/ Ian


    Andrew sits down with his good friend Ian to discuss some of the experiences he's had. Isaac decided he was too good to be on this episode so we gave pro-deuce-er Matt a mic. Which we come to learn was a bad idea. Jk we love Matty.  
  • Haunted House Podcast podcast

    S2E5: Witch Please w/ Patrick


    We sat down with our friend Pat to hear his story that made him believe in the paranormal. You won't wanna miss this one, it gets pretty crazy. All your friends and family won't wanna miss it either so make sure you share it with everyone.  If you have a story you'd like to share, Twitter: hauntedhousepod Instagram: hauntedhousepod Gmail: hauntedhousepod
  • Haunted House Podcast podcast

    S2E4: Hitchhiking Ghost w/ Justin


    What's going on everyoneeee??? That's right, we're back with another absolute slapper of an episode. We sat down with our buddy Justin to discuss some of the creepy stuff that has happened to or around him. Please share this with everyone. That's right, everyone. Thanks to the Goblins & Ghouls out there, you are the best!  If you have a story you would like to share you can contact us here Twitter: @hauntedhousepod Insta: @hauntedhousepod Gmail: hauntedhousepod
  • Haunted House Podcast podcast

    S2E3: Lights Out w/ Bert


    That's right! We're still making episode! We chat with our boy Bert on this episode! I'm not gonna lie, he comes with the fire so be ready. Things are gonna get spooky. Make sure you listen with a friend but on separate phones. Cause you know, downloads and stuff. Thanks and we love you! If you have a story you wanna share Follow us on twitter and instagram: Hauntedhousepod You can email us at [email protected] 
  • Haunted House Podcast podcast

    S2E2: Constantly Delusional w/ Jon


    HELLLLLOOOOooooooo please excuse us saying this is the season 2 premiere. We were obviously wrong and or confused. but other than that, this episode slaps harder than a turkey with a football as a trophy.  If you have a story you'd like to share or have read on the show, please contact us here Twitter:@hauntedhousepod Gmail:hauntedhousepod   Thanks and don't forget to rate and review the show, it really helps us out. 
  • Haunted House Podcast podcast

    S2E1: Brain Boys w/ Jacob T.


    The boys talk about brains a lot for some reason but Jacob also has some crazy stories. If you liked the episode, go ahead and share it with everyone you know! Thanks! If you have a story you'd like to share with us, you can contact us here   Gmail: hauntedhousepod Twitter: hauntedhosuepod
  • Haunted House Podcast podcast

    S1E13: Season Finale!!! w/ David and Tristan


    WE DID IT!!!!! We finished the first season of the pod. And boy oh girl did we go all out for this one. Not only do we have really great stories but we also partake in a power hour. So, long story short we are drunk half way into it. Now, we definitely are aware of how bad Andrew sounds in this episode. Had some unforeseen technical difficulties and well we did the best we could in post. We didn't want to leave you with nothing for the finale so we decided to release it anyway. Thank you for understanding.  If you have a story you'd like to share you can reach us here: twitter: hauntedhousepod gmail: hauntedhousepod
  • Haunted House Podcast podcast

    S1E12: Barnyard Ghost w/ Harvey and Kylie


    We got a great one for you today! Juwan subs in for Isaac and they talk with couple, Harvey and Kylie, about their spooky ass experiences. Make sure to rate and review. And be sure to share this with just about everyone you could think of. Thanks for your time! If you have a story you would like to share send them here Gmail: hauntedhousepod Twitter: hauntedhousepod  

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