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Someone Needs to Find the Psycho Killer at the University of Idaho | 11.17.22

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On today’s episode…The suspect(s) is still at large in a horrible murder tragedy at the University of Idaho. Four students were murdered in their off campus home and police are describing the crime scene as the worst thing they have ever seen (00:26:30)

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(00:04:00) - Half a Pack with Wes is coming

☕ Cup of Coffee in the Big Time ☕

(00:05:25) - Joke(s) of the Day

(00:06:59) - Poland missile strike update

(00:10:15) - Donald Trump announcement update

(00:15:25) - Kevin Spacey slapped with seven new sexual assault charges

(00:20:10) - Xi embarrassed Trudeau at the G20

🥛 Cream of the Crop 🥛

(00:26:30) - Horrible murder tragedy at University of Idaho

Sometimes Dead is Better

(00:35:20) - Advice for a listener attempting to bring his gfs ex back into her mind

(00:38:53) - A woman lost her dog thought it died, buried it, and the dog returned

Naughty Ads and More

(00:49:26) - FBI Director Wray on Tik Tok and January 6th

(00:54:05) - James Webb capturing space orgasm/baby star births

(00:54:36) - Lab creates a black hole on earth

(00:56:30) - Get laid by the best artificial grass ad

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