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Garden Of Doom

Jeff Lippman

Welcome to the Garden of Doom, where some things grow and others not so much. This is an exploration of our world; the hidden world beneath; and the world beyond. Your hosts, Sha & Jeff will explore current events, pop culture, cryptozoology; Theo-mythology; alien encounters; the historíes of mankind; and the occasional Irish whip into wrestling; and more. So join us, every epic has its beginning.

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  • Garden Of Doom podcast

    Episode 84 Anime


    We're rejoined by C the Superior to discuss Anime with our guest Demetrius Holt. Demetrius is prominent cosplayer and activist. He takes us through the various periods of Anime (big 3's) and both Demetrius and C give us their essential top 5 and some personal favorites. Of course. I ask about crazy hair and porn. Geeks now wield the power.
  • Garden Of Doom podcast

    Episode 83 Boogeyman Chronicles


    MG Stephens is a second generation medium. Perhaps this is why she isn't just a medium with phastasms, but also demons and extraterrestrials. From a very young age, she knew she was different. She experienced supernatural encounters as early as age 2. Her recently published book, "The Boogeyman Chronicles", is an autobiography designed to convey to confused mediums, that they are not alone. She also confirms that we are not alone. She shares parts of her journey with the Garden.
  • Garden Of Doom podcast

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  • Garden Of Doom podcast

    Episode 82 The Russian Empire Prequel


    JP Bristow hosts The Russian Empire History Podcast and joins us in the Garden to discuss his show and provides basically a prequel of what becomes the Russian Empires. He shares his wealth of knowledge and experience (he lived in the region for 17 years) regarding the peoples, linguistics, religions, and the conflicts which still simmer today. Of course we also discuss some gods, legends and monsters because that's how we do. This is a fact based show, but unlikely to be the history you learned. This is proto history into the middle ages. Plus, a few meanderings.
  • Garden Of Doom podcast

    Episode 81 Glyphology: Ancient Signposts


    Arthur Faram is former air traffic controller and historial researcher who has authored 3 books. He coined the term Glyphology and has studied these border markers that exist around the world, defining ancient and modern borders and showing continuity of traditions from 29,000 BCE to Sumeria to the Americas. We discuss the Templars, Freemasons, Ancestral Japanese, Vikings, Annunaki, and more. This show is literally global.
  • Garden Of Doom podcast

    Garden Views 5 On The Cusp


    Katrina Blake, AKA Kat Storm, is a published romance novelist, hosts a podcasr, has a YouTube channel, does interviews in association with an independent wrestling promotion, and works with the Women's Wrestling Network. She's interviewed and worked with Madusa, Mercedes Martinez, Malachi Black, and so many others. She's someone who appears to be on the cusp.
  • Garden Of Doom podcast

    Episode 80 Acre to America


    Gretchen Cornwall is an author and researcher, who is an expert in the Templars and their surrounding history. She also researches their mysterious disappearance past that fateful Friday the 13th. From the Holy Land throughout the European continent across the Atlantic, she takes us on a historicaljourmey that might culminate in North America, but detours with mermaids, meta-humans, and the sacred feminine.
  • Garden Of Doom podcast

    Episode 79 Space Chase


    From an undisclosed location, our friendly, neighborhood aerospace engineer returns into the Garden and we review some of the recent, current and near future developments in space tech and excusions. We discuss the law of space, such as it might be. We also engage in some rank punditry, high sophistry, and carck an obligatory Uranus joke.
  • Garden Of Doom podcast

    Episode 78 Garden of Delights


    In this exciting crossover event, the Garden joins "Sweet and Good Torah" amd explores some of our favorite topics from a Judaism perspective. Lon Shor is the host of "Sweet and Good Torah". For a little extra scholarly brain muscle, we brought in Moshe Cohen. We're talking Nephilim and Giants, angels and demons, Satan is not the devil, Lilith, afterlifes, reincarnation, end of days. As we learned, you have to go through the Garden of Doom before we can re-create the Garden of Eden.
  • Garden Of Doom podcast

    Garden Views 4 A Millenial African American Conservative


    Jamaal Wiliams is from Los Angeles, he's in his 30's, African American, and he's a Conservative. A fairly recent convert to boot. What caused this change? How was it received by friends and family? Listen and find out. I also manage to fall into my own tiger trap and talk way too much about politics.
  • Garden Of Doom podcast

    Episode 77 Cryptoterrestrials & The Fair Folk


    Ryan Musgrave-Evans enters the Garden this week to discuss our potential cousins, forebearers, or otherwise: collectively the Cryptoterrestrials. The possible answer to everything that goes bump in the night, myths, scripture, legends, and ET lore. Basically, the reconciliation of Hancock, Sitchin & quantum time travellers. Listen and expand inwards.

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