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  • Chopper Kwest podcast

    Mississippi Mayhem – Rebecca Brown


    In this episode we talk to Rebecca Brown (aka Fanny Freckles), organizer of Mississippi Mayhem car and motorcycle show in West Salem, Wisconsin. Visit Mississippi Mayhem Website: Follow Mississippi Mayhem on Instagram: @mississippimayhem Follow us on Instagram to see our current projects: @kwestchoppers (John’s stuff) @douglasjohnnoble (Doug’s stuff) Subscribe to the podcast: Subscribe on […]
  • Chopper Kwest podcast

    Irish Rich – Chopper Builder


    In this episode we talk to Irish Rich, a custom bike builder who has been in the business for over 50 years. It was great to talk with Rich and soak up his wisdom.  Visit Irish Rich’s Website: Shamrock Fabrications Follow Rich on Instagram: @IrishRichCustomCycles Follow us on Instagram to see our current projects: @kwestchoppers […]
  • Chopper Kwest podcast

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  • Chopper Kwest podcast

    Chris Singsime – Drag Racer


    In this episode of Chopper Kwest we talk to Chris Singsime, a veteran drag racer, and all around great guy from Waukesha Wisconsin. We get pretty deep into the weeds about why Chris is making the leap from nitrous to turbo, the basics of drag racing and some of the technical aspects of setting a […]
  • Chopper Kwest podcast

    Scott Johnson – Mama Tried Motorcycle Show


    This week on Chopper Kwest we talk to Scott Johnson co-founder of the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show. We talk about motorcycle racing, cool bikes and of course, the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show, and Flat Out Friday. We also talk about some of of our current projects, and introduce our new big surprise (hint… land speed […]
  • Chopper Kwest podcast

    Tyler Malinky – Lowbrow Customs


    This week John and Doug talk to Tyler Malinky from Lowbrow Customs. Tyler started Lowbrow customs in 2004 with the intention of making a little extra cash for tattoo money and to buy more parts for his own bikes.
  • Chopper Kwest podcast

    Drea Tuia – Stunt Rider


    This week we talk to Drea Tuia, who is a world class stunt rider, and all around super woman. Hope you enjoy the interview. After the interview we talk about some of the projects we’ve been working on.  Follow Drea on Instagram: @drea253stunts YouTube: Drea Stunts   Follow us on Instagram to see our current […]
  • Chopper Kwest podcast

    Maxwell Hazan – Hazanmotorworks


    This week we talk to Maxwell Hazan of Haznmotorworks. Maxwell is a world class bike builder and all around great guy. Hope you enjoy the interview.
  • Chopper Kwest podcast

    Majik Mike Designs – Kwest Choppers – Episode 1 – Season 2


    In this Episode of Chopper Kwest, John and Doug talk to Mike Rabideau from Majik Mike Designs. We talk about what it's like being invited to build a bike for Born Free and how is Born Free build is coming along.
  • Chopper Kwest podcast

    Chopper Kwest Season 2 Premier


    Chopper Kwest is back with season 2. We have lots of great interviews with some of the best motorcycle builders and professionals we can find.
  • Chopper Kwest podcast

    Steve Jones – Chopper Kwest – Episode 5 – Season 1

    In this episode Doug and John talk to Steve Jones about building custom motorcycles.

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