Episode 847: There are No Problems in life

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Situation. Problem. Crisis. When we do not face the situations, they turn into problems, which, when ignored, turn into crisis.

Exercises or study or meditation or work etc when done regularly are only situations. But when we ignore them, they become problems or crisis.

Bhagavad Geeta tells us to face the challenges of life boldly. It never encourages escapism or avoidance. However unpleasant it may seem, there is no choice in facing the situations of life. Choice is only in how to face them. We can look at them as opportunities for growth or be pessimistic or indifferent or unenthusiastic about them or crib and complain about them. Let us live life with more interest and involvement.

Think about what problems or crisis you are going through, which were just a situation before. Also Think, what are mere situations now, which can become problems or crisis later? Starting meeting these situations. Now.

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