Episode 830: What are 2 types of inferiorities?

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For the first 5 years, focus on loving the child. Next ten years focus on teaching and disciplining the child. From 16years onwards be a friend to the child, says a subhashita in Hindu culture.

Laalayet Panchavarshaani
Dasha-varshaani taadayet
Praapte tu shodashe varshe
Putram mitravad aacharet.

The first 5 years are the formative years of the child. Love, care and compassion will help the child to develop a positive, healthy self-love and shape the self-esteem. Once this strong foundation is laid, one can discipline where necessary. Unfortunately in the world today we focus more on disciplining in the formative years and create so much pressure for the children. They grow up feeling low, under-confident, unworthy and unloved. This is the primary inferiority complex.
These feelings carry forward in life and affect the individual in all walks of life. One of the main reasons for growing mental health challenges, drugs, depression, suicides amongst the youth is the Primary inferiority Complex.

In the formative year, Let us focus more on love, rather than on discipline.

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