Episode 829: Why do we feel inferior?

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Inferiority is a sin, said Swami Vivekananda. So many negative qualities, actions and experiences are born from inferiority.

We feel inferior because our focus is on some so-called flaw or a weakness and because we are not paying enough attention to our strengths and inner beauty. Ashtavakra muni had 8 deformities but he did not define himself by that. He focussed on his inner Self and anchored in it. If we do that, the world may make fun of us, but we will never feel insulted. That is a great strength in life.

So much body-shaming happens in the world today. If we anchor within, we will not allow it to get to us.

What do we focus upon? What defines us? Let us introspect.

Even if we have some flaw or weakness, let us remember, “ I have a weakness. I am not weak.” We can overcome a flaw or a weakness by invoking strength.

Let us anchor in our inner goodness, inner beauty, knowledge, values, dharma, spiritual knowledge and the Self/God.

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