Episode 828: Why do we get attached?

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Attachment or psychological Dependency arises out of a sense of inadequacy or lack of self-sufficiency. I + Object = Happiness is the equation of dependency.
I + car = happiness
I + wealth = happiness
I + Person = happiness
I + specific food = happiness…. This way each of us create these equations.

Nothing wrong in having a car or wealth or eating a favourite food. But if we think that without these we are lesser or feel disturbed or inadequate, that is a wrong notion.

We all seek happiness. But we keep experiencing sorrow. One of the reasons is attachment.

Our sorrow is directly proportional to our attachment. Deeper the attachment, greater the sorrow and vice versa.

Vedanta says use the objects but let not the objects use you. The equation that Vedanta tells us is: I = Happiness. If we drop dependencies on objects, we will realise that happiness is our Nature. Also, the more we focus on our nature as Happiness, we will be able to drop the dependencies.

Even in computers, virus comes through attachments.

So let us drop them and live a truly free and happy life.

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