Episode 828: Focus and flourish

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What we choose to focus, determines our experience. If we focus in the positive, we feel happy, inspired, loved, enthusiastic etc. If we choose the negative we feel low, sad, uninterested, pessimistic etc. We have to train ourselves to be positive. Following are two methods:
1. If we perceive something negative, first ask yourself - Is it factual or only my imagination? Are others also seeing it the same way? Eg. If i feel i am not a worthy person, let me think - on what basis have i concluded that? It may be that in 1 experience of life i may have made a blunder. But that does not mean i am unworthy. The unworthiness is just my projection and notna fact. Also, do others perceive me that way?

2. The second way is - Find out minimum 2 positives with every negative perception. Eg. If i have to assess a business proposal, let me see the benefits, positive effects before rejecting it based on some risks or apprehensions.

See the goodness in yourself and others before finding faults and weaknesses. Focus on the goodness more than mere correcting the faults.

May our choices and experiences in life be positive.

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