Episode 827: Ambition and Inferiority

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Old Mindset: Only if I achieve success i am worthy. Vedantic Mindset: I focus on manifesting potential and serving a higher purpose as per my temperament and what I am made for. Success is a by-product of this. Vedanta encourages us to disconnect our work and our worth. As long as we keep giving our best, We are worthy, no matter what we achieve or don’t achieve.

How do we do this?
1. Understand this quote of Swami Chinmayanandaji, “Success is not in the trophy won, but in the race run.” Do not let any failures dampen your enthusiasm to face life and its challenges. Keep striving for the best.
2. Let the joy of the journey, moment by moment, replace the future hopes of happiness that one may feel as and when success is achieved.
3. Pay attention to how much you have grown from where and when you started and where you have reached today. What have been the learnings? One can do this in both, so-called success and so-called failure. The satisfaction of growth is far greater than depending on success for one’s self worth.
4. Dedicate your actions to a higher purpose, highest being God. Success and failure do not obsess us then. We continue to strive and serve genuinely and selflessly, without any inferiority or anxiety or fear.
5. Accept all results with grace, balance and gratitude. Whatever happens is as per our karma and for our best. Trust the higher intelligence and keep striving with greater confidence and enthusiasm. Improve if you have to. But first accept the results and do not connect it to your worth. You are worthy of all love, happiness, respect, etc irrespective of the result.

Have ambition but let not ambition have you.

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