Episode 824: Know your worth

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“If I succeed at this, I will feel more worthy”
 If you had a similar thought, You are not alone. Most of us constantly evaluate our worth as human beings. Self-worth is at the core of our personality.  How we view our worthiness, determines our behaviour, thoughts, feelings and actions.
What is Self-Worth?
It is a feeling that you are a good person, a person of value, lovable and one who deserves to be treated with respect.
Our appearance, educational qualifications, career, power, social circle, financial net worth, people’s opinions etc. do not determine our worthiness. We may have less or more or none of these. But we still are good human beings. Many believe that success proves that they are worthwhile and failure means that they are worthless.
Vedanta says you are worthy, no matter what you have or achieve. So are others.
If we consider ourselves worthy, no one or nothing can ever make us feel lesser or inferior. Even if people insult us, we will not get affected.
How to develop self-worth?
1. Introspect on your strengths, weaknesses, fears, challenges etc. Tell yourself - “I fully accept every part of myself including my strengths, emotions, flaws, fears and qualities I might not be too proud of; This is how I am, and I am at peace with that. I will keep improving myself.”
2. Be clear about your purpose, goals, values and emotions. Keep them positive.
3.Give love, respect and support to others. Don’t wait to receive it from others. The more you give, the more happier you will be. What truly matters is kindness, compassion & how well we treat those around us.
4. The love of another person does not define you, nor does it define your value as a person. If they love you, great. If not, its their loss.
5.Whenever you notice your inner critic, take a pause. Ask yourself- is it factual? Is this important to know and change?  Can this be done kindly? What lessons can i learn from this? This way, shift the focus from self-judgement to the issue at hand and improve.
6. If everything you had was taken away from you, would you feel worthy?

May we develop and help others develop their self-worth.

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