Episode 823: Are you enough with something ?

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Our sense of self-worth or self-esteem must come from within. The word self means that. But many depend on things, people and situations to feel enough or worthy. Psychologically If we are not enough without it, we will not be enough even with it. Things, people and situations are temporary and perishable. They come and go. Our self-esteem must not be derived from having or not having them. If they are there, good. If not, does not matter.
Life of many great achievers in different fields proves that they were successful, not because they had some things or degrees or power or people or position etc with them but because of the right mindset and attitude of self-reliance. They never allowed anything or anyone or any situation to define who they are. How can we cultivate this attitude?

1. Identify and Focus on your strengths.
2. Do not ever compare and feel lesser.
3. Develop WOW attitude - With or Without. If a car is there, wow. If now, wow. If someone praises us, wow. If not, wow.
4. Let your values, ideals and emotions define you as a person. Not things, people snd situations. Hold on to inspiring values, ideals and emotions.
5. Remember that a Goal and its achievement is always to manifest our potential and make a positive difference. It is not to define us. We are not greater because we achieved something or lesser because we did not.
6. Redefine success. Its mot merely achieving the goal. It is much more. A dharmik goal achieved with a dharmic means, manifesting potential, enjoying the journey, evolving oneself and others is success.
7. Failure does not mean that we are inferior or weak. It possibly indicates we have to put more efforts or do things differently.
8. Study Vedanta and know that Infinity is our True Nature. The individuality is only a role we are playing. Its not the Reality. Stop giving it so much importance.

May we be enough with ourselves and not with anything else.

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