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Beauty and The Bizz


Welcome to the Beauty and the Bizz Podcast! In this podcast we will be diving into the world of social media, business, discussing my experience as a 20 year old business owner and going behind the scenes of different industries. I'm Alexa Wilkinson, Social media guru, Tiktok and Instagram specialist and Founder of Social by Alexa.

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  • Beauty and The Bizz podcast

    My Story


    Join me today in my first episode where I share my story about how Social by Alexa was born! We talk about motivation, self confidence, self doubt and everything in-between. I am so proud of where I am in my career and where Social by Alexa is today. When I look back at my journey I feel so proud. If you're someone who feels unhappy in your place of work, relationship, university, change it! You are in total control of your life, make it the life you want and don't listen to anyone but yourself. If you'd like to get in touch, please feel free to email me at [email protected], alternatively, you can DM me on Instagram @socialbyalexa. Thank you so much for listening! See you next time!

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