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Ethnic minority themed channel that looks to inspire and unify the Somali community to achieve more through the beauty of laughter. What we stand for?! - Good vibes: Positive energy that is personified through our content! - Laughter: Sharing fun moments, speaking with no filtered discussions! - Connect: Bringing everyone together! We aim to put Somalia & ethnic minority people on the map through: - Sharing of experiences - Providing a platform for up and coming businesses - Gaining and sharing knowledge - Being very opinionated on topics of controversy (speaking our truth).

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  • Afbuuxo podcast

    EP42 Untold Story ft 6thayan


    On this weeks episode the boys are joined by 6thayan who shares her personal story of how she ended up in the public eye and the misconceptions she has had to deal with during her time. Ayan also speaks about losing close friends, effects on her mental health and the overall impact this has had on her everyday life. Base was unavailable due to Covid.. so he says! Watch out for Stat of the week which had Ayan's brain scrambled!
  • Afbuuxo podcast

    EP41 Who Is The Real Pirate ft Adan Mohamed & Donnall Smith


    This week the boys were joined by Adan Mohamed and his coach Donnall Smith. Adan is a seven-time national champion, the Buckhurst Hill-based super bantamweight also won a Tri-Nations GB title, two Haringey Box Cups and was a bronze medallist in the 2019 European Youth championships. He also boxed over 10 times for England and was a member of the national squad from the age of 12.
  • Afbuuxo podcast

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  • Afbuuxo podcast

    EP40 Somalia with uncle Stats


    Guess who’s back…. Back again……. Well, you know the rest. Your boy STATS is back from his trip to the motherland and what a trip it was lol from boom boom to Ms Somalia. We find out STATS thinks the land is his, what really happened to ANAKU during his time back home and BASE actually needs to go for DHAQAN CELIS.  Lol this episode was actually needed some of the stuff these guys come up with. I wont say too much but let me know what you lot think of the trip and the episode and would you like to join them on their next trip back home
  • Afbuuxo podcast

    EP39 Somali Dani Alves


    Young entrepreneur Suley came through and joined the Afbuuxo family, he also showed how he can hang with the lads. Energy was right for this one however very short for a typical Afbuuxo episode due to technical difficulties which is Base & Anakus fault. Hopefully Stats is back next week to save these clowns from burning down the place and gets some order back in place.    Socials:  Insta: @Suleysnaps   Insta: @kicksncollect
  • Afbuuxo podcast

    EP38 Two Man Deep


    What's happening AFBUUXO family! This is a light-hearted funny watch where Anaku and Base react to the funniest comments!   Let us know what your favourite comments are!
  • Afbuuxo podcast

    EP37 Excellent Finish Mo Salah


    This weeks episode Stats is MIA he’s somehow ended up in Somalia, in the meantime you have the lovely Base & the devil Anaku holding it down.  So lads have only gone & pulled an absolute worldie by inviting Mo Salah (Hafid Ali) in to the studio after last weekend’s performance against Man United, they had to get him down talks about his main hustle and the difference he’s making in the community he is originally from before he started running down defenders like they owe him money.   They discuss various topics ranging from Charity Work, Camden United, Vaccinations, Relationships, Gangs & Camden Giving.
  • Afbuuxo podcast

    EP36 Study the package before you marry!


    The boys are back with another mouthwatering episode! The gang vent their frustration at the petrol shortages throughout the city and how they were left stranded. The boys discuss the R Kelly trial and some interesting thoughts on whether they will continue to listen to his music? Are the boys right or wrong for this? Let us know! The episode takes an unexpected turn and the conversation turns to 90's music? Someone needs to get them organised! Last but not least, we have the juiciest part, THE DILEMMAS! Let us know your thoughts on what you would do because Base and Anaku weren't too happy. One tip from the boys.. Do your due diligence on the person you want to marry!!
  • Afbuuxo podcast

    EP35 Nothing Better Than Jam On Toast


    AFBUUXO GANG Season 2 Episode 3 is Locked & Loaded READY so this Week the lads have Jamala Osman in the Studio who really packs a punch with her motivational etiquettes.  Jams (As Anaku likes to call her) gave the boys an insight on her difficult start to life and her dramatic turnaround which fuelled her to break down barriers and tap into a different realm of skill sets. Winner of Great Britain and Irelands Young Citizen Award for 2018 and TEDx London Speaker is always inspiring and raising money for charity her current mission is competing in a Super Featherweight Bout at a white collar event. Find tickets Down Below....     ....Base attempts to indulge in Jams personal upbringing and see what makes her who she is, Stats ran his usual background check but couldn't get the date right as usual and Anaku was completing in awe as to how she did it in a year and a half while he's still Fat.   The lads get pushed to their limits and stamina as they get to Poding for an Hour and Some Change All in ALL Great Episode in Store for you lot as usual enjoy and don't forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT #Motivation #TedTalk #Somali #Boxing #Gym #Inspire #Female 
  • Afbuuxo podcast

    EP34 More To LIFE Than Jail & BEEF!!!


    YES, YES and YES again AFBUUXO family.  Episode 2 of season 2 is out and it's even better thane I thought . The boys get a bit serious with some good topics about comparing Jail to university and Anger management (We all know which side ANAKU is on).  BASE & ANAKU  scheme on STATS with a quick-fire question from the start and he tries to worm his way out as usual. BASE goes innnnnn on glorifying prison culture and ANAKU has some stories of his street brawls (I'm sure there are many more but just the 2 for now).  This episode has a few twists and turns with STATS giving us a insight into the life of little STATS lol( no wonder he is so anti off camera) also shout out to the "Just listen girls" 😊 lol watch the show to know what I'm talking about.
  • Afbuuxo podcast

    EP33 Back with a BOLT!


    A Proper AFBUUXO warm welcome back to everyone out there. Yoooooo the boys are back from their holidays (ANUKU), time out (BASE)and home Sauna (STATS) and I actually missed them……. Be honest it I know you did as well 😊. What a way to come back, this episode had the lot everything ANAKU shows how to pick girls on love island #bigbackgang, BASE wants to fly to the moon haha and STATS shares his opinion on the taboo topic (talk about passion lool). I was going to go through more it but it’s just worth watching 1 word…….. ENJOY

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