A Neuro Physio Podcast podcast

A Neuro Physio Podcast

Matt Wingfield & Erin Bicknell

Welcome to A Neuro Physio Podcast. Erin and Matt chat openly with experienced people in the neuro physio world. We highlight the personal story and career pathway of our guests as they share clinical pearls applicable to modern neurological physio practice.

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  • A Neuro Physio Podcast podcast

    Professor Prue Morgan


    Professor Prue Morgan is head of department at Monash University, Melbourne - Australia. She is a self professed yes person and expert in adults with cerebral palsy. We discuss her career journey, her passion for cerebral palsy and teaching philosophy.
  • A Neuro Physio Podcast podcast

    Dr Annie McCluskey - Stroke rehab UL, sexuality


    Dr Annie McCluskey is a powerhouse of the stroke rehabilitation world in Australia. She established the StrokeEd collaboration with her partner Karl Schurr (physiotherapist) as well as making significant research contributions in the areas of sexuality, intimacy and upper limb rehabilitation. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did recording it.
  • A Neuro Physio Podcast podcast

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  • A Neuro Physio Podcast podcast

    Ann Rahmann - Older Adults, Vestibular, Aquatic Rehab


    Ann is the ultimate clinical expert with decades of clinical experience and a desire to keep bettering herself time and time again. Her latest venture is in the APA Gerontology fellowship specialisation training program. She already has her PhD, a Grad Cert in Physio and is an APA Titled Gerontological Physio. She has held multiple academic university and clinical lead roles, and is on the faculty for Vestibular Education Australia. Her clinical passions are older adult, vestibular and aquatic rehabilitation and this episode does not disappoint on any of those fronts.4:01 – Career pathway8:10 – Juggling part time roles9:20 – Current role10:25 – Under-dosing exercise in older adults14:00 – Patient beliefs, anxieties and our role17:30 – Risk aversion in hospital23:10 – How Ann maximises therapy in her unit24:50 – Hydrotherapy for older adults29:10 – Registrar training for APA Fellowship36:50 – Driving clinician level research43:35 – Importance of vestibular “phone a friend”45:10 – Central vestibular dysfunction48:10 – Tips for teaching vestibular pathophysiology54:10 – Ann’s vestibular courses6 day vestibular competency course2 day introduction to vestibular courseemail: [email protected]: @AnnRahmPT
  • A Neuro Physio Podcast podcast

    Dharsha Petrie - Functional Neurological Disorder


    Dharsha is one of the most experienced FND physios in Australia and her passion for this clinical group is exceptional. There are so many pearls in this episode about education, diagnosis, sustainable carry-over of treatment, prognostic and perpetuating factors, triggers, symptom management plans and more. We also answer listener questions you submitted.Resources discussed:Beatrice Garcin - Motor functional neurological disorders: An updatehttps://europepmc.org/article/med/29609961FND Australia Websitehttps://fndaustralia.com.au/Symptom Management Planhttps://fndaustralia.com.au/resources/FND-Workbook.PDFNeuro Symptoms.Orghttps://neurosymptoms.org/APA Online learningPart 1 https://enrol.apacpdguide.com.au/courses/physiotherapy-in-functional-neurological-disorders-part-1Part 2 https://enrol.apacpdguide.com.au/courses/functional-neurological-disorders-part-2Dharsha’s email: [email protected]
  • A Neuro Physio Podcast podcast

    Dr. Marlena Klaic - Implementation Science


    This month we're doing what it says on the packet - implementation science! Marlena is an expert in this field having completed her PhD in the field in 2018. An OT by background, she is the Allied Health Research Translation Lead at Royal Melbourne Hospital. Now a post-doctoral researcher, she also has post-graduate quals in clinical rehabilitation (neurological rehabilitation) and is completing her Masters in Applied Statistics.In addition to chatting about implementing research into clinical practice we talk about her other passion - using assistive technologies in neuro rehab.
  • A Neuro Physio Podcast podcast

    Angela Mucic - Brand Physio, Disability & becoming a Business Consultant


    Angela Mucic is the Learning and Development Manager at Neuro Rehab Allied Health Network, she’s a business consultant with an MBA and a passion for helping Allied Health business find the place where they can [email protected] Allied Health Network (NRAH) www.nrah.com.auLinked in - https://au.linkedin.com/in/angelamucichttps://www.linkedin.com/company/neurorehab-allied-health-network/Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/NeuroRehab-Allied-Health-Network-251023055106190/2.09 / 3.23 - Intro4.22 - Career pathway9.09 Switching career trajectory11.50 - Communicating with consumers13.42 - Building varied professional & life experience14.53 - Current role18.20 - Brand Physio brand26.50 - People want to go to normal gyms28.19 - Leaving clinical but continuing to draw on it31.07 - The future of the NDIS36.38 - Advice for following Ange’s career
  • A Neuro Physio Podcast podcast

    Helena Esmonde - Vestibular Assessment


    A great episode summarising thorough vestibular assessment as well as practical intervention advice, especially regarding vestibular migraine. Helena runs the Vestibular First website – check it out for vestibular PD and new evidence, as well as infrared goggles and other vestibular equipment https://vestibularfirst.com/Twitter, Facebook, Instagram - @vestibularfirstCourses Helena recommends:Susan Herdman courses - use google for courses in your areaEmory - https://www.emorydpt.org/ce-about-us/live-courses/Sue Whitney - competency based training accepting international physios https://www.shrs.pitt.edu/pt/continuing-education/advanced-vestibular-physical-therapy-certificate-programEvidence CEU online - https://evidenceceu.learnworlds.com/pages/homeNorth49 Therapy - Canada online - https://www.north49therapy.com/vestibulartherapytraining/img_5842/Becky Bliss - Runs courses via various US groups. https://healthprofessions.missouri.edu/personnel/rebecca-bliss/
  • A Neuro Physio Podcast podcast

    Professor Coralie English - Stroke, Collaboration and Co-design


    We sit down with Professor Coralie English to discuss her research, her role as a 'serial collaborator' and all the other normal bits that you have come to expect from A Neuro Physio Podcast.4.00 - Meaning in career5.30 - Career pathway9.21 - Mentors12.07 - Career post PhD15.04 - Breaking Up Sitting Time (BUST)21.08 - Stroke survivors and behaviour change23.40 - i-Rebound26.58 - Jargon busting and adapting language28.30 - Being a serial collaborator32.10 - Celebrating the development of others32.35 - SRRR and ISRRA42.06 - Australian stroke guidelines
  • A Neuro Physio Podcast podcast

    Natalie Fini - Physical Activity after Stroke, Academic & Neuro leadership


    Nat Fini is our first returning guest having previously given us an update of supports from the Australian Physio Association (APA) at the start of the pandemic. We chat about Nat's transition from clinical neuro lead into academia alongside completing her PhD in physical activity (PA) and exercise after stroke. She shares her inspirations, how she over-achieves at networking (spoiler, she's naturally good at it), and her leadership work in the APA and other advocacy groups.0.09 - Previous episode recap2.05 - Bio3.23 - Intro4.17 - Current role at UoM & affiliations5.12 - Career pathway11.56 - Getting into academia13.59 - Staying relevant in clinical work14.36 - PhD exercise and PA after stroke18.57 - How to get stroke survivors active21.19 - Overcoming barriers to PA after stroke22.27 - Behaviour change strategies & long term planning24.48 - PhD publications & beyond26.00 - New research questions - what’s the right dosage?27.10 - Mentors - a range is helpful32.07 - APA work35.56 - Getting involved & managing commitments38.57 - Networking on social media
  • A Neuro Physio Podcast podcast

    Fran Brander - Upper Limb @ Queen Square


    Fran Brander is a Consultant Physiotherapist at the renowned National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. She is the lead physiotherapist in the Upper Limb Program and chats about research into clinical practice, being ambitious in our treatment of the upper limb post brain injury and philosophy of upper limb treatment.3.23 - Introduction4.33 - Career pathway6.42 - Consult Physiotherapists (UK)10.13 - National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery – Queen Square London12.00 - Rehabilitation Units in the UK – Levels14.44 - UCL Upper Limb Service18.18 - Arguing for funding21.42 - Patient selection24.37 - Being a national health service26.55 - Program structure32.44 - Hands on or hands off35.47 - Tech in the program40.28 - What is the most important component?44.15 - Application of the model to other services

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