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    EP124: How To REALLY Build A Fitness Business Of The Future & Manage Your Finances As A Fit Pro w/ Jon Goodman


    Vigor Life Podcast · EP124: How To REALLY Build A Fitness Business Of The Future & Manage Your Finances w/ Jon Goodman   Jonathan Goodman is the creator of the Personal Trainer Development Center. Since 2011, he has supported fitness professionals by publishing over a million words, growing some of the largest online communities, publishing several books, and establishing the first-ever certification for online trainers, the Online Trainer Academy. He's been featured in most major business and fitness publications including Men's Health, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Muscle & Fitness, Inc., and many more. Originally from Toronto, Jon spends his winters exploring the World with his wife and son. In this value-packed episode which was a special edition never released fireside chat from the 2020 Virtual Vigor Ground Summit. We touch on everything from what Jon would do right now if he were to go into opening a brick & mortar business and how the online space is shaping itself, to the finances of a fit pro and how to build security and wealth – and a lot in between. This is a can’t miss episode for Fit Pros. Let's go. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN How Jon would build a brick & mortar business if he was building it right now (step-by-step) Why Jon focuses on BIG goals and “asymmetrical risk” (what that is and why you need to understand it to win very big in business) What Jon believes is the perfect business and behind the scenes of his business How to build out program design templates that save you and your company massive amounts of time How to design a smaller brick & mortar gym that is coupled with specific program design and maximizes square footage verse profits 2 reasons you should not open a brick & mortar business (and still crush it in the fitness space) A MUST skillset to develop in the coming 3-5 years that you should double down on A habit Jon does daily to connect and build relationships that you should steal The importance of knowing how money works (and the competitive advantage it gives you) The biggest money mistakes coaches make and the how to fix them (we’ll give you actionable steps) Understanding how debt works and examples of how you can make yourself a lot more money (with what you already have) Jon’s top 3 money management tips for coaches, starting with “working back from profitability” (discover what that means and how to use it) Jon's online coaching model for profitability (a model you can use for yourself and your business) A detailed breakdown of what type of online businesses you can build for best profits, and at what point in time you have to build a bigger team (have more oversight and insight on business from $100K - $10M) Why Jon likes the “Profit First” model to get started but believes there is a better way to manage The long-term effects of building an online coaching business and what to look for so that you thrive and don’t fall apart Which hybrid models really work for a brick & mortar and online business combination   LINKS AND RESOURCES Personal Trainer Development Center: Online Trainer Academy: Jon’s FREE Program Design Software for Offline & Online Biz: Vigor Life Podcast (iTunes): Luka Hocevar YouTube Channel: Luka Hocevar Instagram:   Thanks so much for joining me this week. Have some feedback that you’d like to share? Leave me a review on iTunes.
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    EP123: How to Succeed with Your Diet Long Term & the Coaches Guide to Financial Health w/ James Krieger


    Vigor Life Podcast · EP123: How to Succeed with Your Diet & A Coaches Guide to Financial Health w/ James Krieger James Krieger is a scientist, trainer, bodybuilder, and author of the Weightology Research Review. He has a master’s degree in nutrition from the University of Florida and another in exercise science from Washington State. James also started Fit Pro Financial to help coaches develop financial health and learn how to manage and invest money so that it works for them. I catch up with James to talk about the principles that help anyone succeed with nutrition long-term. We also break down some myths that have become obstacles for people to simplify and win when it comes to their diet. In the second part of the podcast, we dive into financial habits for coaches and how to be “financially healthy”, touching on principles, mindsets, as well as specific strategies to help you build your bank account and security. Let's go. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN Why most people who try to lose weight successfully don’t succeed at keeping it off (a bigger obstacle for most). The number 1 predictor of weight loss is dietary adherence - it’s by far the most important thing (and most difficult since our brains are wired to work against us). Why the Western-style diet overrides your signals of appetite regulation and makes you want to eat more food (without realizing it) and how to avoid that minefield. Why there is no "best diet" and the question that will help you determine which nutrition approach to go with. Why introducing as many barriers as possible can be a good strategy for weight/fat loss. The reason “working for your food” is a key strategy in success. 5 powerful strategies/rules for your daily nutrition that help clients achieve sustainable results. Why tracking your food even for a short period of time can be helpful for awareness (and what to do if you don’t want to track). A template I use with clients that have been successful at getting results without tracking calories. The reason less variety is a GOOD thing for nutrition success (and some studies on buffets that confirm why a lot of choices are detrimental). The reason exercise is SO important when it comes to maintaining weight loss (the scientific data is overwhelming on this). Why you MUST have a plan to not fall back into your old habits when you’re transitioning into “weight maintenance.” What is reverse dieting and why its more of a mental trick than it is a physiological adaptation that “protects your metabolism.” How being unfit and obese affects your decision-making and mental outlook in the world (and why strength training is a keystone habit). Why the financial habits of the average American are NOT good, and just like nutrition, is a skill set you must build. We dive into what and how. How James made money, lost it all, and then rebuilt it back up with rules and structure and what you can learn from it (and why being a day trader is the hardest “easy money” you’ll make). 2 BIG lessons when it comes to investing and trading. 3 out of 4 Americans don’t have enough savings to cover a $1,000 emergency (when the goal should be 6-12 months - we’ve learned that with COVID). Don’t buy [email protected]*t you don’t need (filter it and factor in needs vs wants). My rules for whether to buy something or not and when to put it into investments (and what categorizes investments). James' 4 principles to live by to be financially healthy.   And much, much more…   LINKS AND RESOURCES Weightology: Fit Pro Financial: James Krieger Instagram: Vigor Life Podcast (iTunes): Luka Hocevar YouTube Channel: Luka Hocevar Instagram: https://www.instagram.
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    EP122: The Art of Nutrition Coaching and Getting Clients Results w/ Dr. Mike Roussell


    Vigor Life Podcast · EP122: The Art Of Nutrition Coaching And Getting Clients Results w/ Dr. Mike Roussell   Dr. Mike Roussell is one of my go-to people when I have questions about nutrition. Dr. Mike is famous for transforming complex nutritional concepts into practical nutritional habits that his clients can use to ensure permanent weight loss and long-lasting health. He holds a degree in biochemistry from Hobart College and a doctorate in nutrition from Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Mike’s academic background, coupled with his broad range of experience consulting with pharmaceutical and food companies, medical schools, top-rated fitness facilities, professional athletes, and individual clients, gives him the unique ability to translate scientific findings into relevant, understandable, and actionable strategies that get results. As a scientist, his research has been published multiple times in the world's premiere clinical nutrition journal, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Dr. Mike oversees the optimization of the health, nutrition, and performance of a range of clientele from professional athletes, to celebrities, to Fortune 500 executives. He is also a sought after continuing educator, speaking across the country to physicians, dieticians, nurses, and other health professionals on the most recent advances in the nutritional treatments for cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and weight loss. In this episode, we dive into the art of nutrition coaching and what really works in the real world. We break down principles, science, and examples of client obstacles and how to help overcome them.   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN How Mike discovered the importance of the consultation and the art of coaching and why it was so different from so many “studies in the lab.” From bodybuilding to sports nutrition, Mike had a skewed view of what would work in the real world with real people (especially in the busy New York culture). His dives into why. Why writing for T-Nation and diving into the minutia of nutrition doesn’t carry over to people training 3x a week for 5 minutes working to change their body. How Mike would discover the truth from clients in the last 5 minutes of an hour-long consultation and how it helped him hone his skill as a coach. What is “Nutrition Speed Dating’ and how Mike was able to learn to build rapport and discover the obstacle in the way of people's success. A key principle to getting results: discovering where the client sees themselves and where they are trying to go. The reason you can’t shock clients with huge changes when they think they are doing ok (this is KEY with many clients, tune in!) When to coach with more structure and challenge, and when to reel it back in; and the reason why Mike will fly across the country to meet clients face-to-face. Asking questions to discover where the client’s skillsets are, is critical to being able to give them the best “next steps.” How you may be setting up clients for failure when giving your “expert advice” – Mike and I give some must-listen examples Why Mike walks away from consultations and gives his subconscious a day or so before giving nutrition recommendations. When to NOT give people many options/choices when it comes to nutrition coaching. The reason Mike doesn’t like Intermittent Fasting and does NOT recommend it to his clients. What Mike thinks about tracking, which way is best, and is there a best way (and for who). What the “3-2-1 method” is and why this simple method works for a lot of clients. The 6 pillars of nutrition that are the foundation of a quality, healthy, sustainable diet. When to eat carbs and some deeper points on the timing of carbs (including circadian rhythm meal timing). Food as a social connector and how to make sure you implement it into coaching as a source of fulfillment and happiness (and how this makes you happier and healthier...
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    EP121: Strength and Reinvention No Matter The CircumstancesIn Life with Chris Duffin


    Vigor Life Podcast · EP121: Strength and Reinvention No Matter The CircumstancesIn Life w/ Chris Duffin   I have been looking forward to talking with Chris Duffin for some time. His incredible story proves that what happens to you doesn’t have to define who you become. Chris went from growing up homeless in the Pacific Northwest wilderness—raised in an abusive and chaotic household where his childhood was composed of skinning rattlesnakes, foraging for food, and protecting his sisters and mother (many times dealing with murderers, drug running and abuse, human trafficking, death, a serial killer, and extreme poverty—to multiple engineering degrees. From there he worked his way up the ladder to become a corporate executive in aerospace, turning companies around, starting and building multiple 7 figure companies in the fitness space (including Kabuki Strength), while also building up to 1001 lb x 3 sumo deadlift and 1000 lb x 3 squat (which are both Guinness Book World Records). It sounds fascinating and incredible, and that's only part of his story. Chris and I talk about the principles to be able to achieve anything in life—which he outlines in his book, “The Eagle And The Dragon”—as well as his beliefs about how to become a great leader, his journey of strength training and becoming one of the worlds strongest men – all while building up Kabuki Strength. Let's go. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN Why you don’t have to have a crazy backstory to have the drive to success and achieve incredible feats. Chris’ upbringing in the woods of Northern California, living homeless, in the drug trade, hunting his own food, around serial killers, human trafficking rings, and how he was able to rise above it. How Chris got promoted to leadership positions where people respected him despite not being a “rah rah” motivational guy. What was the difference that made Chris excel rather than go down a negative path, despite his extremely challenging circumstances. Why we MUST find challenge, stress and adversity rather than the comfort that we’re drawn to (the difference in succeeding or failing). The mindsets and introspection to help you overcome ANY challenge and turn it into a lesson that helps you get to the next level. The TWO things that you must have to drive your energy day in and day out. What are you drivers, what are your values, knowing who and how you want to be in the world, something you must keep coming back to – listen to Chris explain how this can work for you when it comes to overcoming adversity. The habits that have allowed Chris to continuously overcome obstacles and become a top performer in strength, leadership, work, and building businesses. What is the 5S method and how to apply it to your day and cut out all the unproductive things that aren’t essential. The “5 Why’s”, storytelling, having a vision and constantly sharing it, and other principles you have to apply to succeed personally and as part of a team. Chris’ core values and why recognition is one of them and it’s not bad (like many people believe). The keys to being a great leader no matter who and where you lead. Why you don’t have to be super polished, CEO cut, verses as a speaker, to be able to connect with people. Relationships are the foundation of success in business and life. Chris breaks down how to develop your KEY 5. Building a “strong mind and strong back” philosophy. The beginnings of Kabuki Strength and how Chris became one of the strongest men on earth while building a successful equipment and education company. The frustrations of training equipment that led to a solution by starting a company that solves the frustration (hint, BIG key in business).   And much more. LINKS AND RESOURCES Kabuki Strength: Chris Duffin Instagram: Book: The Eagle and The Dragon - A Story of Strength and Reinve...
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    EP120: How To Build Mental Resilience & The Best Way To Train To Build Muscle and Strength In The Long Term w/ Jay Ferruggia


    Vigor Life Podcast · EP120: The Best Way To Train To Build Muscle and Strength In The Long Term w/ Jay Ferruggia One of my best friends, world renowned strength coach, and fitness industry thought leader, Jay Ferruggia is back on the show. Even though we were in lockdown when this episode was recorded, we pick up right where the industry left off. In this episode we talk about overcoming adversity, building resilience, taking control of your mind, as well as diving deep into how to build strength and muscle while maintaining healthy joints in the long term. Jay drops his nuggets of wisdom from almost 30 years in coaching to share what works for almost anyone when it comes to picking training splits, exercises, rep ranges and more. Let's go. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN Why Jay “missed” our initial scheduled podcast recording. 3 big life takeaways Jay has throughout the lockdown that we should all remember on the daily to make our life more fulfilled and less stressful. The key habits, mindsets and skillsets that helped Jay and will continue to help people persevere through ANY challenging time. The foundational habits that lead to a positive domino effect and make your days successful (things Jay and I do, The Rock does, Gary Vee does, ALL high performers do) Why you MUST be aware and analyze what enters your ears, your eyes, and your mind on a daily basis, as it will affect how you operate on a daily basis. Why being “bummed out” doesn’t help anyone, and how you can free yourself from that feeling. Teach anything you’ve done, hire others for things you want to achieve that they’ve done. Invest in yourself, put skin in the game, and hire someone you desperately don’t want to let down. Why “association” is one of the biggest influencers and how to put yourself into circles that will make you successful. 3 Industries and 4 High Income Skills that will ALWAYS stick around and where you must continue to improve your skills on the daily. Jay has been writing since 2003 and he’s still getting better every day, he shares why you must continue to get better at communicating, selling and leadership. When it comes to training, the most important thing is: personal preference. We dive into what you should be doing for your training. Jay loves Conjugate Training. We discuss what he recommends instead for most people when it comes to building strength and muscle. The breakdown of how Jay would structure a training session to get maximum benefit, both from a results, joint health, and feel good standpoint. One of the templates I use for my strength training sessions that you can “steal” and use for yourself. A misconception on changing exercises every 3-4 weeks, if clients keep improving then keep them longer (listen to the examples). Why you can PR on machines a lot longer than you can on free weights and how they are extremely useful (who should use them and when). Strategies and tactics to add muscle building methods that work when you don’t have a lot of equipment or machines. Some methods may not work as well BUT are keys in building mental resilience, as well as making the session more fun, and it’s why they fit into the workouts. One of the most brutally effective ways to train long term that many people avoid BUT have withstood the test of time. Why most people are doing too much, need to cut back, but train hard, and why doing so will be the key to their results. On a scale of 1 to 10 what intensity are you REALLY training at, and how the answer to that could change your workouts and results.   And much, much more. LINKS AND RESOURCES Renegade Radio w/ Jay Ferruggia: Jay Ferruggia: Jay Ferruggia Instagram: Vigor Life Podcast (iTunes):
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    EP119: A Masterclass on Building a Profitable & Sustainable Online Coaching Business w/ Jon Goodman


    Vigor Life Podcast · EP119: A Masterclass On Building A Profitable & Sustainable Online Coaching Business w/ Jon Goodman Jonathan Goodman is the creator of the Personal Trainer Development Center. Since 2011, he has supported fitness professionals by publishing over a million words, growing some of the largest online communities, publishing several books and establishing the first-ever certification for online trainers, the Online Trainer Academy. He's been featured in most major business and fitness publications including Men's Health, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Muscle & Fitness and Inc. – to name a few. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Jon spends his winters exploring the World with his wife and son. Jon and I dive deep into the foundational principles of what it takes to build a successful business and then pivot to get specifically into building and online coaching brand that is profitable, sustainable and stands the test of time. If you’re a coach looking to build an online business (or ANY type of business in the fitness space) then this is a MUST listen to episode. Let's go. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN What’s going to happen with most coaches in the industry when it comes to the future of in person and online training. Everything works, from blogs, podcasts, Instagram, YouTube, etc. but here is what you MUST follow to succeed on any platform. Jon breaks down exactly what he would do if he started on a social platform to succeed and also make money. The reason why Jon never did podcasts but is now starting his own – and the most powerful reasons to do one. The process of building a specific skillset that will help you position yourself, generate leads, make sales and build a real business. Lessons about not launching too early with a sub-par product (a big mistake many people make). Why you don’t need to stress about missing out on new platforms that could “blow up.” We discuss what you really need to focus on. The reason you shouldn’t start with paid advertising and how to make your first sales and build “the machine.” The 5/1/60 Principle that will help you create a compelling offer to get your first clients. The exact steps to get your first 5 clients online—even if you don’t have a big social media following—and be able to get you started with online coaching. The truth about building an online coaching businesses fast and keeping it sustainable. Picking lower price point membership sites vs. high end coaching – what works and what you certainly shouldn’t do. Jon and I break it down in detail. The lessons from a friend and mentor who built one of the biggest niche programs and sold it for over a 100+ million to the Golf Channel. Why Jon has written 11 books and where the real value comes in from. What is possible for an online coach when it comes to serving clients and providing a great service (how many clients, price points, automation, hybrid models). Jon is building an online fitness company and breaks down exactly how they will do it step-by-step, from launch, hiring break down, organization, marketing… (steal this!) What Jon recommends to gym owners when it comes to growth and also adding online coaching possibilities. Why do we run away from the things that are different even though they’re better for us, and how to change it (stemming from an example Jon gives on an opportunity missed by a big chain gym in Canada). As a fitness professional you’re going to come out of COVID in one of two ways. Learn them. The power of being great on camera and whether you can be successful without it. And much more.   LINKS AND RESOURCES Jon Goodman Instagram: The Personal Trainer Development Center: Online Trainer Academy:
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    EP118: Writing Like A Pro To Influence & Build Your Business, Meditative Inquiry To Reduce Stress and Internal Family Systems Therapy w/ Nate Green


    Vigor Life Podcast · EP118: Writing Like A Pro To Influence & Build Your Business w/ Nate Green   Nate Green is one of my closest friends and a great human being who also happens to be a fantastic writer. Nate is a marketing strategist and writer at Precision Nutrition. A former personal trainer and gym-owner, he’s also the author of four books, including Built for Show. He’s written extensively for online and print magazines, including Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and Tim Ferriss’ blog. Nate is one of the people I reach out and talk to when I want to clear out ideas, thoughts, share life experience and talk them out as he always has deep, powerful insights. In this episode we cover everything from how to write better and insights on how to influence through your writing, to meditative inquiry, the benefits of training with no music or stimulants. Let's go.   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN Why Nate stays off social media, except for Twitter (it has something to do with a blue checkmark and ego). What Nate’s role at Precision Nutrition is now and what has he been learning and improving as a skillset. Writing, marketing, strategy, and copywriting – how Nate develops and mentors new staff to help them become quality writers. The 3 lessons that are a must for any writer if they want to create high quality content. “If you can write long you can write short, but if you write short then you don’t have the skillset to write long” The 3 high income skills that will forever be in need and a must for you to develop if you’re going to grow your business. When you can write well then you can do all these things better for your business. We discuss ALL of them. The most powerful two questions in copywriting that will help you improve your writing (this is gold!) How to hook people in emails, landing pages, or even texts with this simple strategy. Using social proof in your writing without looking cocky and confident (just the right amount of “salt”). Why you have to be careful about being a hero rather than Yoda when it comes to writing copy. How to be a “living landing page” and communicating in the best possible way to convert and influence clients (or anyone else). The reason it is your duty and obligation to become great at communication, the art of persuasion, and selling yourself. One of THE greatest skills and practices that will be key in making you succeed as a business owner (moving forward this is the game changer). The power of journaling not only for personal development but in helping you solve problems and thinking better – Nate’s examples of how he uses it. My “Thinking Time” process and how it helps me prevent mistakes, create strategy, and outlining vision - it’s rarely done by business owners. Nate explains “meditative inquiry” and how it helps him get clear, focused, and stress-free (with some powerful questions). Why you should NOT use music, pre-workout, podcasts or anything else to distract yourself during training, rather do THIS. How to train yourself to be able to be calm in discomfort that carries to all areas of your life. What is Internal Family Systems therapy and how it’s helped Nate change his life and how it can help you (how to embrace all parts of yourself and see them as gifts and advisers). “When are you going to stop with this self improvement drama Nate?” Discover the answer to this deep question.   LINKS AND RESOURCES Nate Green website: Precision Nutrition: Book: Deep Work - Rules For Focused Success In A Distracted Work (Cal Newport): Book: Internal Family Systems Therapy - Second Edition (Richard C. Schwartz):
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    EP117: The Power of Communication and Why You MUST Get Better at It as a Coach and Human w/ Brett Bartholomew


    Vigor Life Podcast · EP117: The Power of Communication and Why You MUST Get Better at It as a Coach w/ Brett Bartholomew   I finally got my good friend Brett Bartholomew on the show to talk about something we both feel very strongly about: the power of communication. Brett speaks on this on so many levels – including his must have book, Conscious Coaching and his program Bought In. Brett Bartholomew is a strength and conditioning coach, author, consultant, and Founder of Art of Coaching™. His experience includes working with athletes both in the team environment and private sector – along with members of the United States Special Forces and members of Fortune 500 companies. Taken together, Brett has coached a diverse range of athletes from across 23 sports world-wide—at levels ranging from youth athletes to Olympians. He’s supported numerous Super Bowl and World Series Champions, along with several professional fighters in both professional boxing as well as the UFC. In this episode we dive into the nuts and bolts of communication, why it's so important, and the reason you must get better at it— no matter where you currently are with your skill level. We explain why. Let's go.   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN 3 key areas in life where communication is a must and why improving it will get you better results and give you a competitive advantage. Communication represents the very essence of human condition - and yet it's rarely taught OR evaluated so that coaches can improve. Poor communication can cost you results and your livelihood, and how to avoid having your job taken by robots in near future (listen to the predictions of how many jobs will be lost to this). Why you should be filming yourself speaking and communicating on a consistent basis and asking for constructive feedback. Only 6% of people do THIS and why you have an opportunity to put yourself in the upper echelon of coaches. The 8 components of the communication process. Brett breaks them down so you can hear how you can improve as a communicator. Context is KEY and why it's one of the most important parts of communication. We discuss HOW to practically change. Verbal, non-verbal, and para-verbal communication, the missing links that are preventing you from being the best communicator. Brett and I dive into examples of communication that you can use to improve how you communicate. Most people are so scared to fail that they avoid working on communication and receiving feedback – which turns into failure in coaching, sales, marketing, and because of that: business. Evolution of coaches and entrepreneurs and THE biggest mistake they’re making that are stopping them from improving. A powerful example/story of how lack of communication could have prevented a loss of thousands of lives, and how YOU may be losing results because of your communication. The important factors of online communication and strategies and tips to instantly improve it and differentiate yourself. Want to sell better and more? Follow these mindsets and strategies Brett and I share that will help you overcome the obstacle of being great at sales. Execute, expand, and evolve: how to take your career to the next level. And much more.   LINKS AND RESOURCES Brett Bartholomew: Brett Bartholomew Instagram: Bought In Course: Conscious Coaching: The Art & Science Of Buy In: Vigor Life Podcast (iTunes): Luka Hocevar YouTube Channel: Luka Hocevar Instagram:   Thanks so much for joining me this week.
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    EP115: Raise Your Coaching Game and High Performance Secrets From The Best of The Best w/ Alan Stein Jr.


    Vigor Life Podcast · EP115: Raise Your Coaching Game and High Performance Secrets from the Best w/ Alan Stein Jr. When at the airport I always make a pitstop at the bookstore. While traveling to a speaking engagement, a book title entered my line of vision: "Raise Your Game.” As I read the cover, chapter topics and testimonials I knew I had to get it. Especially given it was from the world of basketball. From first crack, I couldn't put it down. I finished it in two days and knew I needed to get the author, Alan Stein Jr on the podcast to talk about the principles. I later realized both Alan and I were featured in Anthony Renna’s book, “Be Like The Best”, which led me to connecting with Alan… and here we are. Alan is a world-renowned coach, speaker and author. He spent 15+ years working the highest performing basketball players on the planet and now teaches audiences how to utilize the same strategies in business that elite athletes use to perform at a world-class level. Alan specializes in improving individual and organizational leadership, performance and accountability. He inspires and empowers everyone he works with to take immediate action and improve mindset, habits and productivity. In this podcast we talk about principles for success, coaching, and leadership and the values and behaviors that support it to help you raise your game. Let's go.   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN The two foundational principles that success is built on and that you must adhere to if you’re going to win long-term. What Alan learned from Kobe Bryant about the basics, that made him the best in the world at his craft. Why knowing yourself first is crucial to creating a change in your life and business, as well as impacting others. The basics of what you’re trying to improve—whether it be your craft, your business, your marriage—and how to break them down into skill work. How Alan addresses “shiny object syndrome” and lack of attention by using praise, setting expectations and defining a role. What not to do to ensure that you're not being disrespectful to the process, your craft, and the game. Whatever your game may be. The importance of environment when it comes to buying into the basics and why you should seek out environments that trigger positive behaviors. How to get rid of distractions so you can perform at the highest level. The most disciplined people have the least amount of distractions. Create systems and processes to make sticking to habits easier. We share examples. How Kevin Durant transformed himself after hating strength training but still showed up weekly to put in work. People take what you do over what you say. Why you should model the behavior of your role models, and how this will help you become a high character person. Alan's exercise to discover your values and the process steps to become that person. What to do when someone has not bought into the team, and the vision. The self-check and the responsibility you must take as a coach to help your clients and people around you become better. Nix blaming, making excuses, and complaining. The keys to sustaining a standard of excellence like Dematha High School and how you can apply it to yourself and your business. Why the role you and each person on your team plays must be respected, valued and appreciated. Everyone is integral to the final picture. Why communication is like a basketball pass – the person making the pass has to deliver it in a way that the person can catch it. And much more.   LINKS AND RESOURCES Alan Stein Jr: Stein Jr. Instagram: Raise Your Game - High Performance Secrets from The Best of The Best: Life Podcast (iTunes): Hocevar YouTube Channel: https://www.
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    EP114: Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle Wisdom from 25 Years of Coaching and Writing Offline and Online w/ Bryan Krahn


    Vigor Life Podcast · EP114: Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle Wisdom from 25 Years of Coaching and Writing w/ Bryan Krahn   Bryan and I met almost 13 years ago at a Perform Better Summit through our mutual friend Nate Green. At that point in time Bryan was writing a lot of quality fitness articles for top publications. I really enjoyed his writing style: real world wisdom from training his real world clients. The thing about Bryan is that while he wrote for T-Nation, Mens Health, Mens Fitness,, Ask Men, and many more, he had so much actual coaching experience and real world results with his clients. Not to mention himself. He’s 47, jacked and lean. Today he continues to write, train, and have a successful online coaching business. In this podcast episode we dive into the principles of the “How” in coaching to get the best possible results with your clients; whether face to face, or online. Let's go.   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN How Bryan started training people but kept it as a side hustle. Believe it or not, he didn’t believe he could make a career out of it. We discuss what changed his mind. Why it’s important to go past the sets and reps to help people truly transform. Why you MUST build a foundation and understanding the body, movement, program design, etc. AKA "the buy" in to coaching. Why you should always start with finding out a client's lifestyle before building their program. e.g. “How do they go about their day?” Why you can’t take your clients word at the height of their excitement and motivation when it comes to what they’re able to commit to. We discuss how you uncover the reality. Why it’s so much better to build on success than having to pull back when you start training clients. We share out mistakes so you can avoid making the same ones. What the ideal training frequency is for different goals, from muscle building, to fat loss, no matter your age. What the “cardio placeholder” is and how it creates better results for clients. Why walking is key to feeling better when you’re pushing your diet (and how it helps you physiologically unpack things). Whether or not age should dictate the exercises you should choose, and the formula for not getting injured and continuing to progress. Doing ramp sets, pushing to positive failure, not training for less than an hour, and other myths get put to the test by Bryan and myself. The “not so cool” modalities that pay the biggest dividends but get missed so often. How everything affects itself and why coaching is like a dance that you always have to assess. 3 nutritional principles that will create success for your clients if you nail them. How to take how a person who is currently living one way and gradually make it better (and why this is the key to success). Why precision and being geeky on the numbers will most times hinder success when it comes to body transformations. Why variability is NOT a good choice when people are looking to change their habits. While simplicity and autonomy matter, creating rules for clients can be powerful. Bryan explain this concept. The power of creating wins in a client's day to build from. And much more.   LINKS AND RESOURCES Bryan Krahn Website: Krahn Instagram: Life Podcast (iTunes): Hocevar YouTube Channel: Hocevar Instagram:   Thanks so much for joining me this week. Have some feedback that you’d like to share? Leave me a review on iTunes.

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