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UX+1 Salary Negotiations +1 George Caiella

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Welcome to the UX+1 first podcast ever! 

In this segment you will get to learn what our podcast is all about and meet our hosts for the very first time. We will be discussing the infamous topic of salary negotiation during the hiring process. You will get our raw input on, when to discuss it, how to discuss it, why that even matters and even a few secrets on how that salary gets affected when approached by a recruiter. 

Most importantly, we have our very first +1 guest, George Caiella! George is looking to get our professional critiques on his resume and portfolio, to help him secure a User Experience job on the market given his graphic design background. 

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The video version of this episode can be found at https://youtu.be/Wc56vsI-Qo8

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