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Trusting God for the Promised Land - 069

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My reply to Persis about the shocking things I saw in a documentary called India's daughter and some of her answers to my questions about India Explaining to Persis that things are going to get worse in America and the Bible says so I'm jealous that Persis is going to get to go to one of Zac Poonen's churches It has now been seven years that the Lord has been using numbers to lead me to Bible verses to give me guidance and promises My contemporary life and walk with Jesus looks almost exactly like that of those in the Bible who were led by the principles and will of God A list of all the promises God has given to me so far An amazing email from Persis and the first time God begins to directly connect 212 to her, even though I still have NO IDEA what God is up to Capturing that my FULLNESS of Joy has returned Praise is a secret to be Joyful Even when you mess up, God is right there waiting for us to repent and come to His mercy

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