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Trusting God for the Promised Land - 067

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I wanting to see the children for Christmas and wanting to speak to my ex-wife about it and the Lord shows me again to stay put and in step with the Spirit (Gal 5:25) Answering the question..."How do I know that I've heard from God correctly about my children?" More fighting the good fight for my children and reasoning through all the good reasons the Lord has separated us and kept me from going back to court to make it happen God is teaching me that it is only His approval of my work that matters, not that of others The approval of God is not determined by large numbers and I still have less than 200 subscribers on YouTube God brings a season to end with a younger sister I had been discipling for some time but she takes it as rejection God shows me the 733 Job promise again telling me He is about to bless me Why I don't pray for the Lord to remove suffering from my children's life

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