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Trusting God for the Promised Land - 064

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Another wonderful divine encounter on the trail with a minister from Korea who was having troubles A gorgeous morning sun rising with a timely reminder of Isaiah 60:1 "Arise and shine your light has come" An incredible testimony from a subscriber comes in right after confirming God speaking to me Isaiah 60:1 God leads me to page 733 Job 8:5-7 and gives me another promise that my future will be so bright that my beginnings will seem humble Another Satanic attack in my dreams about the woman who had attacked me years earlier God shows me in series all the numbers pointing to Scriptures about His promise to give me a wife and I feel certain that she is coming soon I'm not willing to compromise my message to make it more comfortable for my mother's Bible study group THE JOY OF GOD IS GONE AFTER I STUMBLE INTO A SIN AND VIOLATE MY CONSCIENCE

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