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Trusting God for the Promised Land - 063

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The Holy Spirit speaks to me and tells me "Go home and tell how much God has done for you." Luke 8:39 The Father shows me to show people the result "Life to the full", what He has done in my life, before I call them to obedience in Christ Satan comes with a huge and almost lethal attack at night in my dreams to try to stop me from declaring the fullness I have received in Christ God blesses me with wonderful confirmation to keep going in prayer after the attack and shows me a wonderful Andrew Murray principle about God giving you something to desire so you find Him in the process, just days after I recorded the very idea Another AMAZING teaching from Andrew Murray in his book Waiting on God, which explains the greatest reason God "gave" me Laura to desire Several more insights into the strategies of Satan working against my testimony and work My defense against those who say it is wrong to call God "Daddy" The devil is fighting me like hell to keep me from testifying to receiving life to the full and freedom from sin

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