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Trusting God for the Promised Land - 062

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Here comes the devil with his hellish attacks at night in the face of having the greatest joy I've ever had and putting up the two messages about escaping sexual sin The volcano of Joy is still erupting in my heart for two weeks now This joy in my heart has got to be the Promised Land the Lord has been promising me...a deeper filling of the Holy Spirit What I am experiencing is a Holy and Heavenly REST...this is true Sabbath Rest Realizing that there is a power coming in all of my messages that is clearly NOT from me, but only from the Holy Spirit of God I am the happiest I've ever been in my entire life. If this is delusion, I have to bottle this and sell it to everyone Commentary: "I'm finally ready" and what is going to happen in 14 days from the day I said that The Lord shows me another promise Deut 28:8 that He will bless the work of my hands

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