The Nasty Galz podcast

The Nasty Galz

The Nasty Galz

Follow along Ashley and The Guy Gang as they dive into the explicit details of the new sexual era. From debunking sexual myths, to speaking up and getting answers around sexuality, to their own personal stories. There is nothing off limits. Take it or leave it, but get ready to hear some nasty shit

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  • The Nasty Galz podcast

    Am I Your Only Fan?


    Diving into this week everything Only Fans, Masterbation, Prostitution, and so much more!
  • The Nasty Galz podcast



    We back and here again with the Guy Gang filling in for Macie. This week we are covering everything from Dirty Talk, Cucking, Sexual Society Stigmas, Playboy & Hugh Hefner, Body Count, Queefing, and soo much more!!!!! **************We do not own the rights to the song played in episode******************
  • The Nasty Galz podcast

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  • The Nasty Galz podcast

    New Boys In Town


    This week we are introducing the Guy Gang. With Mike and Jon hitting us hard with the male perspective on all things sex and relationships, get ready for some Nasty Sh*t. We diving into the male vs female emotions, feeling self conscious during sex, and soo much more
  • The Nasty Galz podcast

    Miss Us?


    Face Fking, When should you delete your dating apps, bj convos,and soo much more
  • The Nasty Galz podcast

    Millennial Reality Check


    We getting real with y'all this week. Macie talks about being in her mid 20s and still single, is she really happy while her friends are getting serious? Ashley gets into her long term relationship and the constant thought she always has..... "is he the one? Or am I wasting the prime of my life? This plus sooo much more.
  • The Nasty Galz podcast

    Kicking Dick & Fumbling Balls


    Screw your basic Valentines Day episode we talking BLOWJOBS, betches. Face f*cking, the right suction, TMJ, and everything in between. HERE WE GO...
  • The Nasty Galz podcast

    Vaseline My A$hole


    It is FINALLY 2021 and we back with Ass Eating Szn 2.0. Why are men obsessed with butts but when it comes down to it they are to afraid to act on it? Well we dont know either, but we are tired of it. We will be diving into our favorite ways to orgams while using different anal toys, along with discussing a whole lot of assplay.
  • The Nasty Galz podcast

    Little D*ck Energy


    For the first time in a while, we are getting back to our ruthless and raunchy selves because ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We bringing up stalker Exs, anal, and how to survive your f*ck buddy frenzie. Nothing is off limits, so get ready to hear some Nasty Shit
  • The Nasty Galz podcast

    Quit Your Job & Sell Feet Pics


    HAPPY ONE YEAR YOU NASTY HOES AND HAPPY ELECTION DAY !!! I hope you have all either early voted or have a plan today to get to the polls before they close! It is finally here though.... this week we have a very special guest for our ONE YEAR anniversary of the nasty galz! Our guest, Brooke, is a boss babe from Minnesota, has a beautiful baby girl, is recently engaged AND makes a living selling feet pics, ASMR, and fetish videos . She is giving y'all the run down of how she got into this career path, and how you can get started to. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WANT TO MISS THIS EPISODE.
  • The Nasty Galz podcast

    We'd Rather Be a Bitch than a Nice Girl


    This week we have a packed house with not one but TWO very special guests, Savannah & Chandler. These HTown hotties are helping us give the inside scoop on married life and super long term relationships. We diving into if men prefer a nice girl or a bitch and who we would rather be. Your relationship or marriage losing some sexy time? We here on how we have spiced up our sex life with the same dick. Lastly, we are going into interracial couples. Chandler tells and give insights on Black Lives Matter and the difficulties her husband and her have had being interracial.

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