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Leaks, Disagreements and Chaos surround 3.5 trillion dollar socialist spending plan!

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The US government is in a state of chaos. The socialist spending plan proposed by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been met with resistance from Republicans who view it as too costly and dangerous to the economy. But what does the proposal actually entail?
What's causing all this fuss? What's at stake, and why should we care about it?

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  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    Has Transgender Admiral Served In The US Military?


    For the first time in American history, Rachel Levine, a trans identifying male, was just appointed as a four-star admiral by President Joe Biden. But what does this mean and what are some of the broader implications? America is facing a huge cargo crisis, meanwhile our secretary of transportation, Pete Buttigieg, is nowhere to be found since he's on paternity leave. Biden's approval plummets even further, and every time they point a camera in Kamala's direction it makes the situation worse!
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    The Good News About America's Crisis


    America is in crisis. But what if I told you that there was good news too? I'm not talking about the stock market, or jobs numbers. America is also in a spiritual crisis. And it's time we start telling people some of the good news!
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

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  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    The Dems Transportation Nightmare


    The progressives have embedded themselves in the universities and instead of educating young people, they are churning out activists! All the kids are being taught is one monolithic ideology. We've lost that balance in academia. There have been major issues with Southwest airlines with thousands of flights canceled. They may have more luck with their new branding exercise, though. America is on a cliff edge and as long as the debt ceiling keeps being raised, we're just one step closer to the great economic reset.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    Marxist Matrix Of Control


    This program is dedicated to building resistance against the oppressive tactics we've seen deployed again and again over the last few years. The one thing that can never be taken away is your inner freedom, and I believe by 2022 we're going to see a massive shift in the power controlling America. I was at a meeting of conservatives recently and they had a list of the top 20 things that 70% of Americans wanted, and those areas of agreement the Biden administration doesn't want to do! Ted Cruz has a warning for us on our voting rights and the worst part of it is that the Democrats are marketing their assault on democracy as protecting it! The remedy to all of this is that we need to persuade a lot more people of the truth.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    The Economic Shaking


    Today we're looking at the globalists and their strategy to take over everything. China and the US are locked in a contest of which system will dominate the world both economically, and governmentally. Already we are seeing totalitarian control sneak into America under the guise of vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and news coverage that pumps out content designed to make you seem like an idiot who needs to be managed. The Democrats are still desperately trying to pass their $3.5 trillion deal, while there are major 'supply chain' issues going on all over the country. Coming up we'll talk about the nature of the progressives, the Democratic regime, and what is happening now.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    Populist Backlash


    We are living in a period of time where the erosion of our freedoms is the result of progressive, Marxist politics. How quickly the left has gone from 'my body my choice' when it comes to abortion, but it's not your body or your choice when it's injecting something into your body. It's both hypocritical and authoritarian, something that the far left exemplifies at every turn. Tucker Carlson has been a light shining in the darkness, the Davos agenda, the so called 'great reset' is still a threat even though their big push for climate change hysteria didn't really take off. We're dealing with such Government overreach right now, there is a populist backlash coming, the great awakening of America.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    Our Grassroots Revolution


    This episode is so important as we'll be talking about the nature of the awakening. We've been praying for awakening, we've been talking about awakening, now we need to watch for the indicators of awakening. In the cities there is a demonic concentration of power, while in the rural regions there are real strong pockets of God's activity.We need a strategy on how an awakening moves into reformation territory! In other news the Oregon Attorney General is suing counties for their passage of 2nd amendment sanctuaries, The President of Brazil has an insightful opinion on vaccine passports, and YouTube censorship is getting worse.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    What The News Isn't Telling You


    The media has been lying to us for years. It's not just the fake news you see on twitter, it's also what you hear on your morning commute, or when you turn on the TV at night. Much as they've tried to hide Joe Biden's various gaffes from the public, they can't hide how low his approval rating is! Also isn't it funny how evangelistic people can be about their religion, as long as they are not conservative or Christian? Just look at the LGBTQ lobby, they evangelise daily while conservatives and Christians have been bullied out of the high places in our culture. We've got so much to talk about including Mike Lindell, big pharma's influence, and the weird 'weather' Southwest airlines has been dealing with.
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    FBI’s Latest Target, Soccer Moms


    In this broadcast, I share some of the latest threats from the DOJ and why it's so important for Christians to be vigilant in their beliefs. You'll also hear how school boards are becoming a new battleground for freedom of speech, the FBI being weaponised against soccer moms, and what you can do about it!
  • The Lance Wallnau Show podcast

    The Scourge Of Critical Race Theory


    A corrupt attorney general has deployed the FBI to harass and investigate soccer moms for being critical of radical left-wing school teachers. The principal targets have been conservative parents who have tried to stop their children from being indoctrinated by Marxist teachers in public schools. This video will explain how the controversial Critical Race Theory (CRT) is used as an excuse to suppress dissent in our nation's classrooms. We'll also examine how CRT is an assault on truth!

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