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The Gould Standard is a new conversational podcast from The Glenn Gould Foundation about the arts, culture, and contemporary society. We speak with artistic heroes working to create a more inclusive and mindful world, hear their incredible stories, and get to know what makes them tick. The inspiration for the podcast is legendary pianist and tech visionary Glenn Gould, whose genius continues to resonate globally today. The Gould Standard is the latest expression of The Foundation's mission to enrich the lives of people everywhere through the transformative power of art.

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    Kat Von D: Tunes, Tattoos and a Taste of Glenn Gould


    Kat von D, by any measure, is one-of-a-kind. One of the world’s most celebrated tattoo artists, Kat defies the idea that while life is short, art is forever, choosing a medium that is inherently perishable: the human body. She rose to fame for her starring appearances on two popular TV shows, Miami Ink and LA Ink, and parlayed that recognition into a wildly successful entrepreneurial career through her line of makeup, simultaneously becoming both an alternative fashion icon and a social media sensation.   Music has always been central to her creative inspiration, and while her image evokes the worlds of punk, metal and goth, she is equally devoted to the classical piano, citing Beethoven and Glenn Gould among her heroes.  We caught up with Kat on the eve of the release of her first album, “Love Made Me Do It,” for a conversation ranging from her modest beginnings to her rise to fame and her new musical adventures.
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    Alanis Obomsawin Part 2: Stories of Truth and Love


    Today Canada marks the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. As we reflect on the painful history and ongoing impacts of the residential school system, we are grateful to present Part 2 of our conversation with Glenn Gould Prize Laureate Alanis Obomsawin — visionary Abenaki artist and one of Turtle Island’s most passionate advocates for Indigenous Peoples. In Part 1 we spoke with Alanis about her early life and formative experiences. In Part 2, Alanis and host Brian Levine talk in depth about her films, including "Trick or Treaty”, "When All The Leave Are Gone” and the heartwarming “Christmas at Moose Factory.” Through a lens of immense empathy and understanding, Alanis’ 53 films document the pain and outrage caused by colonialism and intergenerational trauma, as well as the unparalleled love, resilience and dreams of a people on the road to justice. At 89 years old, Alanis currently has 8 more films in production. Alanis Obomsawin’s films are available for free through the National Film Board of Canada. We encourage you to watch, listen and reflect. Thank you, Alanis. ALANIS OBOMSAWIN: NFB Wikipedia The Canadian Encyclopediah IMDB THE GLENN GOULD FOUNDATION: Official Website Twitter Instagram YouTube Channel Facebook page GGF on LinkedIn
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  • The Gould Standard podcast

    Alanis Obomsawin Part 1: Stories of Truth and Love


    Alanis Obomsawin is the laureate of the 13th Glenn Gould Prize. She is also a transformative artist, often hailed as the “grandmother of Indigenous cinema.” Her 53 documentary films chronicle a vast range of Indigenous experience — incendiary outrage at generations of colonial injustice, the path toward reconciliation, and joyous celebrations of love and solidarity. Alanis is also an inspired visual artist, a teacher, storyteller and musician, whose singing illuminated the folk movement of the ‘60s and ’70s.  Above all, she is a noble spirit whose life and work have pointed the way towards pride, healing and justice, a calling she has embraced throughout her 89 years with compassion and grace. In Part I of this two-part conversation, Alanis recounts the formative experiences that shaped her, and gave her the courage and determination to pursue her calling as one of the great truth-tellers of our time.
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    E.D. Faulkin: Adversity, Art and Triumph


    E.D. Faulkin is a self-taught composer and pianist, and a good friend of The Glenn Gould Foundation. His grandfather was a member of the Tahltan First Nation in British Columbia. Faulkin experienced an abusive childhood and spent his teen years in poverty, homelessness, trauma and despair. Meet this extraordinary man and artist, as he recounts how he discovered the power of music, taught himself to play and compose, and in so doing, transformed his life. E.D.'s message of hope carries the powerful lesson that none of us is without value and each possesses the potential to bring beauty into the world, no matter how afflicted their situation. E.D. FAULKIN LINKS: YouTube channel for the music of E. D. Faulkin Article: Gould’s Music Box: Remembering Glenn Gould in a Time of Solitude MUSIC CLIPS IN THIS EPISODE: 00:00:17 - Mahler’s Night Shadows, excerpt 1 - E.D. Faulkin 00:07:20 - Mahler’s Night Shadows, excerpt 2 - E.D. Faulkin 00:21:32 - Anti-Klassica, excerpt 1 - E.D. Faulkin 00:32:00 - Moonlight Sonata - First Movement - L. v. Beethoven - Hoffman 00:31:55 - Anti-Klassica, excerpt 2 - E.D. Faulkin 00:59:00 - Lescallda - E.D. Faulkin 01:09:23 - "What Love Tells Me,” Adagio, Symphony No. 3 - G. Mahler - Abbado/Vienna Philharmonic 01:11:05 - Nocturne No. 5 - E.D. Faulkin 01:25:59 - Asian Nocturne No. 2 - E.D. Faulkin 01:40:27 - Bodenbach Prelude - E.D. Faulkin 01:44:01 - Concerto in D minor after Alessandro Marcello, BWV 974 II. Adagio 1 - J.S. Bach - performed by Glenn Gould 02:04:53 - Du Coeur (From the Heart) - E.D. Faulkin THE GLENN GOULD FOUNDATION: Official Website Twitter Instagram YouTube Channel Facebook page GGF on LinkedIn
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    Tatiana Maslany: An Encore


        The Gould Standard Episode 19: Tatiana Maslany, An Encore   If the mark of a great actor is the ability to transform herself completely, then Tatiana Maslany is one of the finest of her generation. With her Emmy-winning breakout playing multiple cloned “sisters” in the TV series Orphan Black, Tatiana not only showed the world her incredible versatility but her ability to infuse her characters with compassion, diverse experiences, and an intense longing for connection. Photo credit: BBC America. In this exclusive conversation, Tatiana and Brian talk about her beginnings growing up in Regina, Saskatechewan, her failure in gymnastics, passion for improv, zombie flicks, her latest role as a Depression era radio evangelist in Perry Mason, and of course, Sarah Manning, Alison, Cosima, Helena, Beth and all the other “sistras” from Orphan Black... and her recent experience as a juror for The Glenn Gould Prize. Watch our teaser video for our conversation with Tatiana: Explore more episodes of The Gould Standard below!
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    Cory Doctorow: An Encore


    In a special encore presentation, we're delighted to highlight our conversation with Cory Doctorow, originally published in October 2020. Stay tuned for a new season of The Gould Standard as we bring you even more thought-provoking conversations. Has technology ushered in a Brave New World of creativity, connectedness and individual empowerment— or has it created an invisible tool to enable surveillance, manipulation and the invasion of our privacy? Few people alive speak more clearly and provocatively to these issues than Cory Doctorow, award-winning science fiction writer, blogger and activist for a more open, accountable and human-rights-focused digital future. In this in-depth conversation with host Brian Levine, Cory explores the deep social engagement, sense of wonder, and occasionally, the rage that inspires his fiction and non-fiction writing.
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    Mobley: The One-Man Band


    Austin-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mobley describes his style as "post-genre," an evocative mix of pop, soul, rock with inventive touches that defy classification. What marks him as one of the most interesting emerging artists today is his beguiling blend of searing social criticism with captivating melodies, all brilliantly on display in his recent album, Young and Dying in the Occident Supreme. In this revealing conversation, Mobley talks about re-inventing himself as a one-man band who creates a richly layered ensemble experience while performing solo, his work in film and video and his unique and haunting collaborative video project inspired by the parlour game "Exquisite Corpse." Explore more episodes of The Gould Standard below!
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    Ai Weiwei: The Conscience of An Artist


    Ai Weiwei is a unique presence in the world of visual art - equal parts avant-garde icon, activist and moral conscience for our times. His courage is legendary both in pushing the boundaries between the new and the traditional in art and between art and politics. He has inspired the world with his defiance in the face of authoritarianism. Join us for a deeply moving conversation, ranging from Ai's origins and formative influences, his struggles to defend freedom of expression against the forces of repression, his monumental installations and his equally bold provocations of the powerful and complacent through his documentary films. Music clips in this episode: Steve Lane - Largo from Shostakovich String Quartet no. 8 David Oistrakh Quartet - Largo from Shostakovich String Quartet no. 8 Academy of St. Martin's in the Field: Largo from Shostakovich String Quartet no. 8 Explore more episodes of The Gould Standard below!
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    Barbara Hannigan: A Modern Maestra


    If there is such a thing as a superstar in the world of contemporary classical music, soprano and conductor Barbara Hannigan ranks at the top of a very short list. With her quicksilver voice, charismatic personality and the striking physicality she brings to each performance, she has done what most people considered impossible - making the music of Ligeti, Boulez and Schoenberg irresistible to the many. Add to that her growing fame in the still male-dominated filed of orchestral conducting, and you have Barbara Hannigan, one of today's truly transformative musical forces. From her beginnings in Waverley, Nova Scotia to the great stages of the world, we talked with Barbara about her meteoric rise, her work with today's greatest composers and the joys of bringing modern masterpieces to life. Explore more episodes of The Gould Standard below!
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    The Passions of Viggo Mortensen: Part II


    In Part II of our conversation with Viggo Mortensen, we delve into this protean artist's multidimensional engagements following his landmark success in the film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. From music, to photography, painting and publishing, his multilingual acting roles and even his fascination for a masterpiece of silent film, Viggo delights and astonishes with his boundless curiosity, creativity and passion. Explore more episodes of The Gould Standard below!

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