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Ep 03 - Unleashing the Power of Relentlessness in the Creative Process

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Join Anthony Dunn, Co-Founder and CEO of The Creative Revolution, discover the benefits of being relentless in your creative journey, learn how to incorporate it into your process, and ignite your potential with this essential trait.

Have you ever faced challenges in your creative process? What role has relentlessness, or being relentless, played in your success?

About The Creative Revolution

The Creative Revolution is a place to learn from one another, inspire each other, connect, collaborate, and create real change. Together we can create the world in which we want to live – a world that values the individual, that celebrates our unique talents and passions, that believes each and every person deserves to live life to the fullest, and that creativity is essential to realising this vision.

The platform is 100% member driven – this means it is 100% advert free, and 100% authentic to the people it serves. Additionally, once we reach 1,000 members we will donate 25% of all membership to charity in order to give back to the community via grants, student rates, and scholarships.

Within the platform we have original courses for both personal and professional development, featured articles, groups, and live events.

In October 2022 we opened our doors to 100 Founding Members and the energy inside is incredible.

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