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Ep. 121 5:5:5 Uranus Retrograde – Take The Ultimate Risk!

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Uranus, planet of freedom and awakening, stations retrograde on August 20th activating a stunning code of liberation and risk. Discover how the brilliant star code invites you to shift your beliefs and infuse your inner climate with positivity.

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  • Star Codes with Tania Gabrielle podcast

    Ep. 135 – Gemini FULL MOON: Joyful Exploration!


    A highly positive Full Moon in Gemini (Sun in Sagittarius) creates a wonderful trine to Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius and planet of optimism, fortunate outcomes and wisdom. With the Sun pointing directly to Galactic Center - center of our Milky way galaxy - discover the powerful celestial messages in store for the final lunation of [...]
  • Star Codes with Tania Gabrielle podcast

    Ep. 134 – Double Mars Transit: Energy And Enthusiasm


    Mars creates two wonderful transits within two days on December 6 and 8, activating tremendous opportunities for success, abundance and joy. Discover how to activate the extraordinary energy emitted during the Mars’ transits of Pluto and Jupiter, directly following the Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.
  • Star Codes with Tania Gabrielle podcast

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  • Star Codes with Tania Gabrielle podcast

    Ep. 133 – 12:12:12 Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius


    Eclipse number two is an exciting Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius delivering strong messages about the meaning of life and your purpose for being her. You feel a quest for truth and justice, wisdom and joy making this new moon eclipse especially lovely at the end of 2021. A powerful eclipse forecast!
  • Star Codes with Tania Gabrielle podcast

    Ep. 132 – Taurus Lunar ECLIPSE: Take Pleasure in Life


    Eclipse Season is back! The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus activates a deep desire to enhance your life through play and pleasure, infusing your heart with peace and joy. Jupiter creates a highly fortunate T-square to the Sun and Moon – this lunar eclipse is a powerful milestone in 2021!
  • Star Codes with Tania Gabrielle podcast

    Ep. 131 – Sun Opposite Uranus: Your Life Is An Adventure!


    Once a year the Sun comes into position directly opposite Uranus. This year that moment is exact during the Scorpio New Moon. A profound message of Freedom invigorates you as you embrace the cycles of change and align with the frequency of liberation from victimization.
  • Star Codes with Tania Gabrielle podcast

    Ep. 130 – 12:12:12 Scorpio New Moon: Abundant Energy Shifts


    A powerful New Moon in the sign of power, Scorpio, creates a dynamic exact opposition to Uranus at 12° unleashing tremendously spontaneous energy surges and opportunities for transformation. Your intuitive abilities are very much enhanced as is your ability to expand abundance from within. An important lunation right before the eclipse cycle begins!
  • Star Codes with Tania Gabrielle podcast

    Ep. 129 – Celestial Origins: Your Inner Sanctuary


    This week creates a strong energy of new beginnings as 4 planets, including Mercury, are now in direct motion at the same moment as the first sign, Aries, celebrates a Full Moon. Harmony and balance are being restored on Earth at this time while you intimately connect to your Celestial Origins.
  • Star Codes with Tania Gabrielle podcast

    Ep 128 – FULL MOON in Aries: Fire Up Your Heart


    On October 20, 2021 an intense Full Moon in Aries creates tremendous forward momentum, partly due to a powerful T-square to Pluto from Mars, Moon and the Sun. This Full Moon is a turning point in 2021… An important celestial message about the next few months.
  • Star Codes with Tania Gabrielle podcast

    Ep. 127 – Sun-Mars-Mercury STELLIUM: Focus On Frequency!


    On October 9 Mars joins the Sun and Mercury retrograde in Libra to fire up your intuition so you turn inwards to the heart-center. Discover the profound message from the stars as the true meaning and use of Frequency takes center stage.
  • Star Codes with Tania Gabrielle podcast

    Ep. 126 – 13:13:13:13 Libra New Moon: Revelations and Momentum!


    A ground-breaking New Moon in Libra (Oct 6) shifts us consciously into the Great Awakening as a quadruple 13 code empowers and frees us from fear and worry. It is a powerful new beginnings lunation in and extraordinary month of liberation, revelations and momentum!

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