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Sow The Land

Jason Contreras

Jason and Lorraine from the Sow the Land Youtube channel talk about their weekly happenings on the homestead. We talk about life moving from the city and homesteading, starting a business and life.

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  • Sow The Land podcast

    Different income streams for the homestead lifestyle


    Jason talks about some different income streams to help live the homestead lifestyle Sow the Land Youtube channel: online workshops + Community signup here: Sow the Land T shirts: Our Etsy Store: Tools we use:  
  • Sow The Land podcast

    Hosting a Chicken Processing Workshop on the Homestead


    Jason does evening farm chores while talking about how they started hosting hands on workshops on their homestead Sow the Land Youtube channel: For online workshops + Community signup here: Sow the Land T shirts: Our Etsy Store:  
  • Sow The Land podcast

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  • Sow The Land podcast

    Homestead Life with Kenny from Life on Beagle Road


    In todays podcast I talk to Kenny from life on beagle road YouTube channel. We talk about his story of living this homestead life. Also, we talk about making and building stuff, growing food, creating YouTube content and everyday life. You can also watch the episode on the Sow the Land Podcast Youtube channel. 
  • Sow The Land podcast

    Season of Change


    Jason and Lorraine talk about there week and how the season of growing food is changing. We talk about our YouTube videos we did this week and a backstory on why we filmed them. We also talk about workshops and future event happenings.
  • Sow The Land podcast

    Growing Season is Slowing Down


    Today we talk about our week. We also talk about using a smoker for the first time, workshops, back in the woodshed and Lorraine's skin care line.
  • Sow The Land podcast

    Have We Outgrown Our Homestead


    Jason and Lorraine talk about growing the 1.5 acre homestead they live on and how to know when you are ready for more land! 
  • Sow The Land podcast

    Summer in Review


    Today we talk about our summer and what we have been up to for the week. 
  • Sow The Land podcast

    Quarantined on the Homestead


    Today Jason and Lorraine talk about what it's like for THEM to quarantine on their homestead. Youtube channel HERE
  • Sow The Land podcast

    How WE Learned to GROW FOOD


    I converted this podcast from a YouTube video I made in 2017 on our Sow the Land Youtube channel. I tell the story of how us "CITY FOLK" started to grow our own food. I hope you enjoy! Youtube video here Instagram: @sowtheland
  • Sow The Land podcast

    How did we Downsize? Living Minimal Homestead


    Today we talk about how we got rid of our stuff before we moved to homestead. We also talk about some things that you can do to declutter. Thanks for listening. You can also watch this podcast on our Youtube channel.  Sow the Land Youtube Channel

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