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Welcome to Sisterhood Works - the podcast powering women’s careers.

Whether you’ve got a five-year plan, or an ambitious dream, AllBright is your global sisterhood, and we’re here to help you blaze your trail.

We know that it just takes one woman to change another woman’s life. We know that mentoring works, and we know that community changes careers.

Each week on Sisterhood Works, hosts Debbie Wosskow OBE, Anna Jones and Georgie Abay speak candidly to remarkable women about their career journeys. You’ll hear from incredibly high-profile powerhouses like Candice Brathwaite and Anna Whitehouse, to the extraordinary, ordinary women who power workforces around the world.

No matter who you are, there’s a seat at the AllBright table for every woman on a mission.

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  • Sisterhood Works podcast

    Nova Reid On Becoming Anti-Racist


    Do you know how to be a good ally? Nova Reid’s new book The Good Ally might surprise you – in it she shares her experience as a Black woman in the UK and how racism affected her from as young as seven years old. But she also talks about how sometimes, well-meaning, liberal white women can cause the most harm. It’s a confronting but incredibly important topic, and in our conversation today she shares why it’s vital that we all get comfortable with being uncomfortable. She also tells us about her experience providing the expert commentary on race for the Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and about how to have those difficult conversations with friends and family that we’d all prefer to avoid.   Let’s hear about why we need to start talking…  See for privacy information.
  • Sisterhood Works podcast

    Anna Whitehouse On The Future Of Work For Women


    In the last five or so years, Anna Whitehouse has launched Mother Pukka, become a radio and TV, presenter, published three books, launched FLEX APPEAL – the campaign for more flexible working for everyone - and become a mother to two girls. She is quite simply unstoppable – and making real change for women in the world.   Today, you’re going to hear about her debut fiction novel Underbelly, which was written with her husband Matt. It’s the story of Lo and Dylan, two women striving to earn a living and raise their kids, both driven to unravel by the pressure, both driven to rage by the versions of each other they see on social media. We’re also going to talk about Anna’s career journey. We cover the highs and lows, and of course, all the bumps along the way. Because as we all know, careers and life in general is bumpy no matter what path you take. Let’s meet my incredible friend Anna.   Follow @motherpukka  Purchase Underbelly here   See for privacy information.
  • Sisterhood Works podcast

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  • Sisterhood Works podcast

    Claire Holt On Acting & Designing Her First Fashion Collection


    Today on Sisterhood Works you’re going to meet Claire Holt, the dynamic LA-based Australian actor and mother, who has over 7 million followers on Instagram (turns out we’re not the only ones who loves following her).   Claire has been very open about the struggles of new motherhood and also experiencing pregnancy loss and we talk about this today. We also look at the career of an actor – the highs and the lows. And how she’s also recently ventured more into other projects, such as designing a collection for cult American swimwear brand Andie Swim, who counts Demi Moore as an investor and is an inclusive brand for all women. The collection is now available.   Claire shows us that careers have many lives, and while being an actor is something she’s passionate about (and very good at), exploring new avenues is something we can all do, anytime in our career.   Shop Claire Holt’s collection for Andie Swim here  Follow Claire Holt on Instagram @claireholt    See for privacy information.
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    Kristy Chong On The Grit of Overcoming Naysayers


    It’s no secret that at AllBright, we love to talk to, learn from, and be inspired by female entrepreneurs.   Todays’ guest is the Veuve Clicquot Australian Bold Woman award 2021 winner, ModiBodi founder Kristy Chong, who generated three million dollars in sales within the first three years of launching her period and leak proof underwear, without outside investment. In doing so, she changed the way women think about topics such as periods and incontinence. She has also put a spotlight on why thinking sustainably about these topics isn’t an option, it’s essential. The average woman will use 12,000 to 16,000 tampons and sanitary pads in her lifetime. And why period poverty isn’t a problem we can ignore (ModiBodi has donated 25,000 pairs of underwear to women in times of crisis and women in need).  In the beginning her products were seen as “taboo” by many large retailers. But Kristy got them talking. She soon raised capital, has sold more than four million pairs of underwear globally, seen a 929 per cent revenue growth in the past two years and won numerous awards including most recently, the Veuve Clicquot Bold Woman award.    Impressed? So are we. Let’s meet this bold woman.   Go to /  See for privacy information.
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    Candice Brathwaite On Her Greatest Life Lessons


    Welcome back to Sisterhood Works – the podcast powering women’s careers.   Today’s guest is the phenomenal Candice Brathwaite, who really needs no introduction, but here we go. A Sunday Times bestselling author, a contributing editor at Grazia and a presenter on Lorraine, she is also the founder of Make Motherhood Diverse and a hugely popular influencer.   Her book I Am Not Your Baby Mother was a landmark publication in 2020. A thought-provoking, urgent and inspirational guide to life as a Black British mum, it was an important call-to-arms allowing mothers to take control and scrap the parenting rulebook to do it their own way.  Her newest book, Sista Sister goes further. It is a compilation of essays about all the things Candice wishes someone had talked to her about when she was a young Black girl growing up in London. From family and money to Black hair and fashion, as well as relationships between people of different races and colourism.  Written in Candice's trademark straight-talking, warm and funny style, put it on your reading list.   But before you do, don’t miss this engaging and insightful conversation. We’re so thrilled to kick off the new season of this podcast with Candice!  Shop Sista Sista here   Follow @candicebrathwaite here  JOIN ALLBRIGHT FOR FREE TODAY  See for privacy information.
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    Helena Lee On A Decade Long Career At Harper’s BAZAAR


    What does a decade long career at one of the world’s most glamorous fashion titles look like? That’s what we’re going to find out today.  Today’s guest is the incredible Helena Lee, the acting deputy editor of Harper's Bazaar and founder of East Side Voices, a platform she launched out of frustration with the lack of visibility that East Asians and Southeast Asians have. Her debut book will also be published in 2022. In today’s conversation, we talk about sisterhood, her decade long career at BAZAAR, and what the career of a writer looks like.  Helena also stars in AllBright’s The Sisterhood Works Project campaign, which is on a global mission to connect 100,000 women through our digital platform, so we can unite you all, wherever you are, and whatever your passion is.  You can find out more about The Sisterhood Works Project here. We'll be running an unmissable line-up of free networking events, industry-specific networking opportunities, inspiring interviews, IRL meet-ups and much more. ⁠ Let’s meet the incredible Helena.  Follow @hels_lee | @eastsidevoices See for privacy information.
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    Supriya Vani On Leading With Empathy (& Co-Authoring Jacinda Arden’s Biography)


    Today’s guest is the remarkable noted peace activist and human rights campaigner Supriya Vani, who is the co-author of newly launched book Jacinda Ardern: Leading with Empathy.  The book is a major biography of one of the most important and inspirational leaders of the twenty-first century, based on interviews with the New Zealand Prime Minister herself.  Supriya Vani is a noted peace activist and human rights campaigner. Supriya has interviewed and discussed the issues of human rights and world peace with numerous Nobel Peace Prize laureates, international celebrities and world leaders, including Jacinda Ardern. She regularly speaks at universities and government embassies, and attends international gatherings and forums such as the world summit of Nobel Peace Prize laureates and Laureates and Leaders.   She is a board member of the Hague Justice Portal and Caravan for Peace, an NGO with more than fifty international Olympians in partnership with Peace and Sport. Supriya’s debut book, Battling Injustice, based on her interviews with 16 female Nobel Peace Laureates, won her acclaim and endorsements from a number of prominent international figures, including Malala Yousafzai, Mikhail Gorbachev and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.   Today, we of course talk about Jacinda Ardern, but we also talk about peace, kindness, love and women in leadership.   See for privacy information.
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    Jody Shield on the role of money and mindset in our lives


    Before we start this episode, we want to ask you a few questions to think about.   How is your life limited right now?   Which areas are you not making progress in?   Are you earning what you deserve? Are you happy?   These are some of the questions British Conscious Business Coach Jody Shield asks her clients. And simply by asking these questions, we open our minds and grow.   At the age of 29, Jody’s career in advertising caused her to reach burnout – and it was a huge turning point in her life. Like so many of us, she was addicted to being busy (and yes, as we talk about today, being a workaholic is an addiction).   She jumped on a plane to Peru and her time there changed her life. She left advertising and has become not only a Conscious Business Coach, author, TEDx speaker and host of “Be Electric” podcast and now gives both men and women all over the world simple tools and techniques to radically transform your life. A big focus for Jody is coaching people on the taboo topic of money – and Her course magnificent money programme is geared towards helping you to upgrade your financial future and fall in LOVE with earning more money.   Today, we’re going to look at how to change the way you work, simple mindset shifts and why surrendering if truly the answer.   Go to  Download the new Magnificent Money Maker guide here. See for privacy information.
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    Rejina Pyo on Being A Nice Girl & Forging Her Own Path


    If the Devil Wears Prada, an Angel would wear Rejina Pyo. She’s been called the nicest woman in fashion. The designer moved from South Korea to London in her early twenties, and while studying at Saint Martins, was labelled ‘too gentle’ by her tutors. So, do nice girls finish last?  Not if Rejina Pyo is anything to go by. In this episode we ask the mother of one about how the power of networking changed her career - and life - forever, after a chance meeting with Kate Foley in New York. We speak about how she launched her own brand in 2014, when luxury was everything, and how she decided to position the label. We talk about her collaboration with H&M, her new kidswear line, navigating criticism, and why she was back on emails the day after giving birth.   And in an industry renowned for its cut-throat competitiveness, can niceness take you further? Let’s find out...  Go to  See for privacy information.
  • Sisterhood Works podcast

    Pandora Sykes on Navigating Contemporary Chaos


    How do we know we’re doing it right? This is the title of Pandora Sykes’s debut book, which was published in hardcover last year, and has just come out in paperback.   Pandora is a British writer and podcaster. If you’re one of the millions of women who tuned in each week to listen to The High Low Podcast, which she co-hosted with Dolly Alderton, you’ll know her well (and probably, like us, you greatly miss the show). But as we speak about today, closing one career chapter no matter how wonderful, exciting and rewarding it was, will enviably open you up to new chapters that perhaps you weren’t expecting.  How Do We Know We're Doing It Right? is a book which explores how to navigate our contemporary chaos. Pandora explores how modern life is full of choices – and how with endless possibility, there comes a feeling of restlessness, like we're somehow failing to live our best life. Pandora tells me that this isn’t a book of answers, it’s a book of questions. Questions such as What does doing it righteven look like? And why do so many women feel like they're getting it wrong? Purchase How do we know we’re doing it right?   Follow @pandorasykes  Go to  See for privacy information.

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