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Taking Off In A New Direction, Jerry Meyer, January 31, 2021 (S9E6)

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With 2020 behind us and with high hopes for a great 2021, what better way to change our mindset, than sitting down and talking aviation.  During our last 9 seasons, the SimpleFlight crew has had the pleasure of hosting north of 200 guests., with a focus on finding amazing people doing amazing things in aviation.   And this week's show is no different. 

In some people's opinion, the LSA market has not lived up to its expectations, but there are companies that saw the LSA as an opportunity to reach out to new customers and deliver on new missions.  One such company is Icon Aircraft ( 

With Brandon running into technical challenges, Marc went solo in talking with Jerry Meyer, Director of Marketing for Icon.  While not a household name to many of us in GA, Jerry brings a strong background in aviation (naval pilot) and brand management to his role at Icon.  There were a lot of questions for Jerry and we invite you to listen in and learn about Icon's aircraft, it's culture, its go to market strategy, and what makes the company so special.  

We're wondering if any of you are flying the Icon A5 or other Amphib.  We'd love to hear your experience and have you enlighten the rest of us landlubbers about the joys of landing on a "wet" runway.  Please share them with the rest of the SimpleFlight Facebook and Instagram community @simpleflightradio

Thanks for being a part of the SimpleFlight Family!!

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