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Oshkosh! Our Community's Common Unity, with Dick Knapinski

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The word Community is made up of two root words... Common Unity.  That one thing that bonds people together.  To an Avgeek, we share a love of aviation... and it is EAA's Airventure that unites us all in a special way.  One of the signals of Airventure, is the release of the annual NOTAM.  As April came to a close, the NOTAM arrived making last year's disappointment a distant memory.

For attendees, Airventure is an awesome event which brings excitement and smiles to all that participate.  Have you thought about what it takes to put an event together that hosts hundreds of thousands of people?  Add to that the unknowns (e.g. weather, etc.) and an extremely dynamic logistical puzzle that impacts thousands of stakeholders.  It is then you start to realize the requirements for multi-faceted planning, strong leadership, and excellent communication skills.

Enter, Dick Knapinski, Director of Communications for EAA.  As a 29 year veteran of the organization, Dick leads a team of people all focused on making Airventure something special for all of us, regardless of our connection.  Join Brandon and Marc as they sit down with Dick to hear how EAA pulls the event off, with nary a hitch.  We also get into a few behind the scenes stories that will leave you wanting for more.  Can't wait to share those stories at KOSH!

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