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Aviation Dreams Can Still Happen. June 6,2021 (S9E10)

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Once bitten by the Aviation "Bug", pilots dream about flying experiences to come.  It may be a particular mission or a specific make and model of aircraft that the pilot wants to fly.  Dreams come in all shapes and sizes.

As a pilot gets a cadence going and becomes comfortable with their aviation life, a sense of contentment leads to a mental happy place and a zen-like experience.  Interestingly, new aviation experiences add to that feeling, but always seem centered on the same foundation of a love of aviation.  But then, when you least expect it, a new experience can come along that shatters the calm and replaces it with a high energy realization that there is more to achieve and now is the time to do something about it.

That's what happened to Marc after getting a chance to sit up front in a M-600 with a flying buddy.  Marc has flown other "next level" aircraft, but for some reason, this time resulted in a life changing moment.  The feeling, the sound, the decisions, the experience felt like a new world that was calling to him.  So listen in as Marc talks about it with Brandon and tries to understand what just happened.  The discussion also led down a path focused on different flying experiences and how aviation gives back based on what you put in.  It was a fun conversation.  We hope you agree.

We'd love to hear about your aviation dreams and any "life changing" moments that happened along the way.  Please share them with the rest of the SimpleFlight Facebook and Instagram community @simpleflightradio

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