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Around The World - GA Style, Alex Gronberger, May 16, 2021 (S9E9)

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For many GA pilots, a cross country trip usually means several hundred miles, a hotel room, and a return trip.  But for a few people, a bigger calling exists.  

Join us on this week's episode as we are joined by Alex Gronberger, who is about to join his wife and embark on an around the world trip in his 2009 Cirrus SR22.  His trip has already started, as he departed Buenos Aires, Argentina on March 4th, stopping in the Midwest to have his plane fitted with a brand new engine.  

Just planning for a new engine provides a hint of the amount of preparation required to make the trip a reality.  Selling all of his belongings (including his house), having his wife earn her private ticket, asking for a one year sabbatical from his employer, and we can all start to feel the commitment and dedication that drove Alex to make this decision.  We may not be able to join Alex on his trip (checkout, but listen in and share in his excitement for this adventure of a lifetime.  

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