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Expert 04: Horace Dediu

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In this episode we speak with Horace Dediu, the co-founder of Micromobility Industries and one of the earliest and most influential voices in the world of micromobility. A longtime Apple analyst, his insights into the adoption curve of products like the iPhone informed how he began to look at consumer interest in e-bikes and, later, e-scooters. Looking at the state of micromobility today we touch on flash points, like the near-collapse of one-time leaders like Bird and Lime. “What went wrong,” quickly morphs into “what is still likely to go right,” and Horace takes a generally positive long-term view of the role that micromobility will play in cities around the world. We debate the importance of America as a battleground for micromobility policy: Will progress elsewhere make up for America’s micromobility backwardness or is it critical to change America? This turns out to be a critical and contentious question.

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