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In a world of women who aren't afraid to "go there" on tough issues, the LadyBrains Podcast stands out as a tight group of friends who navigate difficult topics—but not in a traditional way. The ladies are Lyndsey Fifield, Bethany Mandel, Emily Zanotti, Mary Katharine Ham, Kelly Maher, and Elisha Krauss.   Follow LadyBrains on Twitter ( and Instagram (

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    E213. We’ve got BIG news—don’t panic!


    Mary Katharine Ham and Kelly Maher have a BIG announcement (for once, it’s not a pregnancy!) and reflect on five years of life and Ladybrains. Stay tuned for some very exciting announcements in the coming weeks—we’re sure you’re gonna love it.
  • LadyBrains podcast

    E212. Dad Porn: It’s Not What You Think (and We Love It)


    Father’s Day doesn’t come with all the fuss of Mother’s Day—but it SHOULD. This week Bethany and Elisha explain why they love making and consuming dad porn… and no, it’s definitely not what you think. Why is fatherhood just so sexy? They answer.
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    E211. Royal Trauma Drama Rama


    Mary Katharine Ham and Bethany Mandel talk about Harry, Meghan, Kate, Wills, Diana and Charles, the public processing of grief, therapy and why we can’t stop thinking about all of it.
  • LadyBrains podcast

    E210. Where Do Mean Girls Go When They Die?


    Bethany Mandel and Lyndsey Fifield have been on the receiving end of a lot of online hate mobs (let’s be honest, Bethany’s gotten the worst of it) but they’ve also occasionally been mean girls, too. In the wake of Chrissy Teigan’s rapid fall from grace after years of tormenting people online (including Bethany!), we wonder… what DO we want to happen to bullies? Should there be a limit on cancelling someone for tweets they sent years ago? WHEN is Lyndsey having this baby and is she actually in labor right now? Tuck in for another weird and wonderful episode of the LadyBrains podcast. PS Bethany has a new podcast with Jon Gabriel called Edit This!
  • LadyBrains podcast

    E209. Another Big Ladybrains Announcement


    Kelly Maher and Mary Katharine Ham talk MK’s announcement, trucks, the great accomplishment that is going to the DMV, and whether they are secret monarchists? Find out!
  • LadyBrains podcast

    E208. Bethany Is a Cicada Truther and You Probably Should Be Too


    Do cicadas have better sex lives than average Americans? Yes, we’re going there this week. Frankly we all need to be more skeptical about what we’re told by “the experts.” Are trillions of cicadas about to emerge from the ground? Probably? Lyndsey Fifield and Bethany Mandel team up to cover some popular conspiracy theories and yes, wild treetop insect sex parties.
  • LadyBrains podcast

    Newbie with a newborn—now what?


    Expert mom of almost-5 Bethany Mandel gives soon-to-be first-time mom Lyndsey Fifield all the newborn hacks she needs… most of them are how to avoid unwanted/rude comments from strangers tbh.
  • LadyBrains podcast

    E206. How We’re Dressing Post-Pandemic


    Can we actually transition out of athleisure? … and what the hell is midriff flossing?? Mary Katharine Ham and Kelly Maher team up for a timely and hilarious episode about post-pandemic fashion. (Note: An earlier version of this episode had some missing audio. We’ve corrected the issue.)
  • LadyBrains podcast

    What Our Kids Won’t Know


    Kelly Maher and Lyndsey Fifield consider all the things they’ll have to tell their kids about one day—dial-up internet, encyclopedias, the satisfaction of a well-timed trip to the bathroom during a commercial break, memorizing phone numbers? Tuck in for a great discussion of how to raise resilient, not-tech-reliant kids in a digital world.
  • LadyBrains podcast

    E204. Podcast Playlist Reset: What We’re Listening To


    Mary Katharine Ham and Lyndsey Fifield roll through some of their favorite podcasts, youtubers, and binge-able shows to stream—whether you’re postpartum with a newborn or just laid up with seasonal allergies! The habit tracker Lyndsey referenced:

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