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KnightsCast Episode 12 - Papa Nurgle's Wild Ride

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After going to ground in our respective bunkers to endure these crazy times, the KnightsCast crew pokes their heads above ground for the moment to record a brand new Episode 12!

Join Aaron, Ben, Jesse and Will as we check in with each other and chat about methods to survive social isolation as a hobbyist. 

We announce an exciting competition perfect for hobbying during the apocalypse! Listen in to have a chance of winning some KnightsCast branded swag!!

In the second half, Ben ruminates on ways to play single player Kill Team without having to resort to SadHammer!

Thank you so much for listening to our little corner of the internet! We hope you are well and comfortable. If you would like to reach out to chat with us, use the links below:

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Stay safe!

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