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KnightsCast Episode 10 - The Dakkasode

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"Ya Boiz" return for the very 10th episode of our very own podcast institution!

This time around we treat your eardrums with the following scintillating discussion:

- We scream really loud! (If you are listening with headphones beware the first minute)

- We recall the one year anniversary of the FlyByKnights and how we got to number 10! (Wow)

- Jesse swears not once, but twice! (Dutifully bleeped by your resident producer)

- We talk about Kill Team and the siren song of Bighammer 40k! (Send help)

- The ultimate crossover event! (we hope!!)

- The Las Vegas Open is upon us! (We talk about what we expect to see, and what we're running)

- And you shall know them by their hats! (How to approach your local FlyByKnights club member at LVO and beyond)

- What we're bringing to LVO! (Will tries hard to keep a secret but can't, and we try to convince Ben to reclaim his crown of "King of the Orks")

- Shoutouts galore! (We try our best to acknowledge a good portion of the local Kill Team community and also issue irrational challenges to podcasters in foreign countries) 

All this and more of the content you have come to love! Thank you so much for 10 great episodes!!

And as Jesse says, "Happy Rolling!" 

Link to the LVO Tournament Rules

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