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Welcome to Final Take! A conversation podcast about movies and everything that comes with them. From new releases to truly terrible movies, we talk about everything and then some.

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    The End Is Here: Final Episode EVER! - Episode 75


    We've made it to the end. It's been an incredible run and this podcast has introduced us to so many wonderful people! To celebrate our last episode ever, we decided to just talk about movies. Any and all movies. Westerns, sci-fi's, Whiplash, Adam McKay, and everything in between. A special shoutout to everybody who has listened to one episode or all of them, without your support and love, this podcast would not have been possible. Remember, go watch some movies!
  • Final Take podcast

    Our Top 5 Actors/Actresses Of All Time! - Episode 74


    There are so many damn good actors and actresses in Hollywood, it's harder than you think to narrow it down to a list of top 5. So of course we gave it our best shot. Some absolute predictable choices ensure (*cough* Ethan *cough*) as well as some deep cuts! PLUS Andrew Garfield is the trailer king right now. No big deal. So we talk about his many trailers that just got released! Who are your top 5 actors/actresses? Let us know on Twitter @finaltakepod
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  • Final Take podcast

    Director of the Month: Darren Aronofsky w/ Matt Scott! - Episode 73


    Darren Aronofsky is quite possibly the most depressing director in modern cinema, but is he misunderstood? What movie is ACTUALLY his best one and why all the Biblical allegories? We sit down with friend of the show Matt Scott to answer these questions and more. Ethan hates mother!. Austin defends The Fountain. And Matt Scott is still depressed from rewatching Requiem for a Dream. What's your Final Take on Darren Aronofsky? Let us know on Twitter!
  • Final Take podcast

    A Quiet Place 2 Review + Some Sad News... - Episode 72


    John Krasinski is back in action with A Quiet Place Part 2 and you bet your bottom we went to go see it! Does the sequel really stack up against the first movie? Is there maybe even room for a third? We answer all of those questions and everything in between in our SPOILER FILLED review. We also share some sad news that the podcast will be ending... have a topic you want us to cover in the final episodes? Let us know!
  • Final Take podcast

    Army of the Dead: Too Many Plot Holes? - Episode 71


    Even though Austin thinks zombie movies are overrated, we decided to give our Final Take for the new Zack Snyder movie Army of the Dead! We review the movie with full spoilers and toss out some SERIOUS theories for the movie!! Could they really all be stuck in a time loop? Are the zombies actually a type of alien from Area 51? What does the ending mean? We break it all down and give our thoughts! PLUS Knives Out 2 cast just keeps on growing... who do we think the killer will be now? Have thoughts on Army of the Dead or the podcast? Let us know on Twitter!
  • Final Take podcast

    Spoiler-Filled Spiral Review! - Episode 70


    We went to a movie theater. And not just any movie theater... a Regal movie theater. And we saw Spiral. And our lives were changed! Well not really, but still, you get the idea. We give our spoiler-filled review of the latest installation in the Saw franchise, including all of the gruesome torture traps, plot twists, and everything in between. Plus we talk about how absolutely stacked the Knives Out 2 trailer is, who we think the killer will be, and the new Venom trailer. Because that's an interesting trailer... Hit us with your final takes and thoughts on twitter or instagram!
  • Final Take podcast

    The Great Sandman Cometh! - Episode 69


    Ethan is an Uncut Gems STAN. Austin LOVES 90's comedies. What better way to get on our soapboxes and talk about Adam Sandler for an entire episode? We break down all of Sandler's best (and worst) movies, why he doesn't get any credit for his serious roles, and what the future looks like for him. PLUS we talk about the final trailer to A Quiet Place Part 2, the teaser trailer for Stranger Things, and Ethan tries to figure out what kind of pie Austin likes... Follow us on Twitter @FinalTakePod !!
  • Final Take podcast

    May The Fourth Celebration: So Many Star Wars Questions! - Episode 68


    May the Fourth Be With You All! Happy May The Fourth once again! This year we decided to ask a TON of Star Wars questions to each other and see what our answers were. We are talking things like... who should've played Anakin Skywalker instead of Hayden Christianson? What color lightsaber would you have? And is the Prequel trilogy really the most cohesive trilogy of them all? Plus things get a little weirdddd when Austin asks a NSFW question about droids... just sayin! Have any Star Wars thoughts? Send them our way on Twitter or Instagram! And May The Fourth Be With You!
  • Final Take podcast

    Mortal Kombat Review + Shang-Chi Trailer Reaction! - Episode 67


    Mortal Kombat is FINALLY here and we are so freaking ready! Austin is hyped and Ethan wants to know what all the hype is about... we give our full review of Mortal Kombat including all of the awesome video game references, cool deaths, and glaring plot holes. PLUS we react to the new Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings trailer AND give our final take on the whole season of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. What did you think of either of these things? Let us know!
  • Final Take podcast

    2021 Oscars Predictions! - Episode 66


    The 2021 Oscars are just around the corner so we decided to predict who would win! We also talk about who we actually want to win, which is very different from who will actually win in some categories. Who do you predict to win Best Picture? What about Best Leading Actor? Let us know! Plus, trailers for both F9 and Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead have been released! Which one looks better? Austin has choice words for one of them...

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