Exponential Wisdom podcast

Exponential Wisdom

Peter Diamandis of XPRIZE / Singularity University & Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach

Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan discuss how exponential technologies are creating massive opportunities for entrepreneurs all over the world and the impact of hyperconnectivity on global innovation.

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  • Exponential Wisdom podcast

    Episode 108: Giving Yourself Control of Your Health


    Peter and Dan discuss preventive, predictive, and personalized health care. Showcasing this phenomenon, they delve into a new health care company, Fountain Life, which uses data-driven methodologies and thorough diagnostics to identify disease early and enhance members’ physical and mental performance. In this episode: Peter explains why and how he sees healthcare evolving into a […]
  • Exponential Wisdom podcast

    Episode 107: First Principles Thinking


    Peter and Dan discuss first principles thinking, demonstrating why the world’s best entrepreneurs use this methodology to set massive goals. Elon Musk is perhaps the foremost example of entrepreneurial success as a direct result of his mindset, problem-solving strategies, and intelligence. In this episode: Peter shares his takeaways from his conversation with Elon Musk, which […]
  • Exponential Wisdom podcast

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  • Exponential Wisdom podcast

    Episode 106: Technology Empowering Teamwork


    Peter and Dan talk about the extraordinary progress in human teamwork, how technologies like AI, networks, sensors, allow humans to communicate faster and easier. In this episode: Dan discusses increasing collaboration within his company, starting with focusing on each individual before any teamwork can happen.  Peter talks about the XPRIZE crowdsourced prize designs that happened […]
  • Exponential Wisdom podcast

    Episode 105: Living Past 100 Years


    Peter and Dan discuss the wide-ranging implications of today’s biotech and longevity breakthroughs, now adding years to the human healthspan. In this episode: Peter mentions the significance of Dr. David Sinclair’s latest cover-featured publication in Nature, which offers groundbreaking evidence for reversal of age-related decline in mice– an advancement now being tested and validated in […]
  • Exponential Wisdom podcast

    Episode 104: Capital Availability


    Peter and Dan discuss the abundance of capital available to entrepreneurs today, exploring the reasons for a historically unparalleled surge in funding and its accessibility. In 2019, aggregate global crowdfunding — inclusive of peer-to-peer lending — reached $14 billion, with over 2,000 platforms offering access to funding. But as is the case with many digital […]
  • Exponential Wisdom podcast

    Episode 103: Longevity Mindset


    Peter and Dan discuss the benefits of fostering a Longevity Mindset. Now more than ever — during a new age of exponential medicine — many will no longer have to accept the cards we’re dealt. Technologies like genome sequencing, RNA transcriptomics, Wnt pathway modifiers, novel vaccines, CRISPR, liquid biopsies, CAR-T cells, gene therapy, exosomes, and […]
  • Exponential Wisdom podcast

    Episode 102: Exponential Mindset


    Peter and Dan explore the benefits of cultivating an “Exponential Mindset,” an understanding that computation and derivative technologies (AI, VR, 3D Printing, etc.) are growing exponentially. Thirty doublings drive a billion-fold improvement that the human (linear) brain finds difficult to grasp. In this episode: Peter discusses how humans evolved to be linear thinkers, yet the […]
  • Exponential Wisdom podcast

    Episode 101: Abundance Mindset


    Peter and Dan discuss the benefits of cultivating an “Abundance Mindset,” through which we more readily see how exponential technologies — computation, AI, 3D printing, robotics, VR, and others — can dematerialize, demonetize, and democratize products and services. What was once available only to the richest and most elite, is increasingly accessible to almost anyone […]
  • Exponential Wisdom podcast

    Episode 100: Capital Velocity


    Peter and Dan discuss the abundance of capital and growth of the global economy, including crowdfunding, venture funding, and SPACs. In this Episode: Peter talks about global venture funding hitting an all-time record high, despite the pandemic.  With all this investment, the seeds have been planted and he expects successful new startups in 2022 or […]
  • Exponential Wisdom podcast

    Episode 99: Blockchain Solving Deepfakes


    Peter and Dan discuss the now-booming world of blockchain and the latest phenomenon of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In this episode:  Peter makes the case for his belief that blockchain will play a key role in detecting deepfakes, a growing concern recently fueled by Tom Cruise deepfake videos that have gone viral on TikTok. Dan envisions […]

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