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My Girlfriend Pretends She Has A Talking Vagina. Help! Plus What To Do When You're An Ace Looking For Love And Falling For Folks Who Want A Sexual Relationship.

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New York Times best-selling author Talia Hibert joins Xio Axelrod, Avery Flynn and Roan Parrish to discuss what in the world is going on with a girlfriend who pretends she has a talking vagina and offer advice for an asexual writer who is looking for love but keeps falling for folks who say they're OK with a non-sexual relationship but that's not really the case. Is she destined to keep living life vicariously through her characters? Is there an HEA future possible? Hell yes, you know there is. 

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  • Dear Romance Writer Podcast podcast

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  • Dear Romance Writer Podcast podcast

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  • Dear Romance Writer Podcast podcast

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