Creative Perspectives Podcast podcast

Creative Perspectives Podcast

Tom Shepherd

How does creativity shape our lives? Through interviews with artists, makers, creators and general lovers of life, we will explore how creativity has helped them to carve out a unique and fulfilling life. This is a great resource for creatives in any field, of any ability, from professional to hobbyist. Ultimately though, this a life affirming podcast that we hope will inspire you to pursue your own ideas and dreams, whatever they may be! We explore these peoples personal paths to where they are now, the decisions made along the way and how they made them. We delve in to their mindsets, as well as looking into the creative process, how and where ideas are born and how they are executed. The interaction between left and right brain is also a fascinating them that we hope will run through out. We will also often cover life as an artist or creator, the many forms this takes and the business of making a living as an artist. All of this and plenty more makes up this "Creative Perspectives" Podcast.

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