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If you are a conservative like me it seems we are living in a world where less and less makes sense, and the people around us are losing their minds and drifting farther and farther away from reality. But we are far from alone! I am a regular guy, living in a blue state, who grew up in a different America. One that I think can largely be restored. I'm an optimist, a Trump supporter, I believe in the Constitution, support our military, and am a proud person of faith who loves this country and its founding principles. Like other conservative podcasts I will be talking about the news of the day and issues we face right now, but I don't want to leave it at that. I think as conservatives we often aren't able to clearly explain our beliefs and what it really means to be a conservative, so there will be shows dedicated to conservatism itself, national and world history that relates to why conservatism is the right ideology to follow, and I also want to have some shows that focus only on good news, as so much of what we hear now is relentlessly negative. I'm not a pro at this. I'm just starting behind a mic, but this is a critical time in history right now and I think anyone who can should speak out. I hope what I say resonates with you and that together we can grow this into something meaningful and helpful and we can help spread conservatism and preserve our country. I also started an apparel brand selling conservative t-shirts for conservatives, Trump fans, Qanon followers and other things that are relatable. Have faith, be strong. If we stand together the Left will not win this fight.

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  • Conservative Roots podcast

    Covid Restrictions Imploding - Timed?


    The UK and the Czech Republic announce the lifting of Covid restrictions while large companies like Starbucks get rid of their vaccine mandates. Great news - but keep an eye on the timing. While the Democrat party IMPLODES, could this help the economy just enough before the midterms? Support this podcast
  • Conservative Roots podcast

    Democrat House Of Cards


    The SC strikes down the mandate and the January 6th story is unraveling. Add in Covid, and the Democrats are crumbling like a Jenga tower. Support this podcast
  • Conservative Roots podcast

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  • Conservative Roots podcast

    We Were Right All Along


    Everything about their Covid narrative is coming apart, but we called it all from the very beginning. I talk about all the times we were called crazy conspiracy theorists only to have everything we said come true. Support this podcast
  • Conservative Roots podcast

    A Battle We Can't Lose


    We've always had to face dishonesty and corruption and lies, but now we are facing a global evil. This is a little different than before in that they are trying to take away our will and faith while they coordinate worldwide evil. How we choose to face this will determine our future, and if we choose to fight back, there is no way we can lose. I go over some of today's headlines to highlight how evil has risen and history is in many ways repeating itself and what we can do to turn the tide. Support this podcast
  • Conservative Roots podcast

    There's No Escaping Truth


    Biden isn't going to finish out to 2024, it's not in the cards with his mental decline. That means SOMEONE else will be president. Who are they planning? Could Hillary Clinton be setting up her return? What of Devolution and Durham? Support this podcast
  • Conservative Roots podcast



    Faith is what is ultimately needed to destroy and defeat the Left and their globalist plans. Without it, we are lost. Faith, through religion and family, is what keeps society going and gives us strength. That is why the Left is attacking and trying to destroy these two pillars of society. Support this podcast
  • Conservative Roots podcast

    Omicron Arrives Right On Schedule


    Just exactly when you were expecting a new variant to arrive, it does. Omicron is here. How terrified should you be? How much more should you rely on your Government to save you? Will Pfizer prepare a whole new vaccine that you can stand in line to take? These questions in more on today's episode of sheer panic. Support this podcast
  • Conservative Roots podcast



    My thoughts on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, what was important, what wasn't, and what it really meant. Support this podcast
  • Conservative Roots podcast

    Two Enemies


    We're battling the Democrats and their anti American liberal agenda every single day. And the American people are doing a good job of it! But why do we have to fight our own party as well? Why do we have a Republican Party who seems determined to lose when we're winning? Support this podcast
  • Conservative Roots podcast

    We The People Will Decide


    A global pushback against vaccine passports and mandates in our country are rising, with more organized resistance in the forms of walkouts, protests, lawsuits, etc. The Left won't succeed because they don't know when to stop pushing, and ultimately there is nothing left to do for everyone but resist. Support this podcast

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