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Channel Surfing #272: Iron Fist Reaction, FOX's X-Men Show Update, More

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We discuss where Iron Fist went wrong, several renewals, SNL's expansion and more. 


4:20-8:00: Saturday Night Live going live across the country and getting a summer spinoff.

-8:00-9:10: Into the Badlands has cool fights!

-9:15-12:20 Crashing, The Good Fight and Legion renewed - and some brief chatter about Legion promos spoiling their villain revealed.

-12:20-16:25: 12 Monkeys and The Expanse renewed and some more talk about Syfy's status

-16:25-18:55: The 100 renewed and a tangent into how long shows should last

-18:55-22:15: More info on FOX's X-Men pilot Gifted (which may not be called Gifted)

-22:15-23:50: CBS's Young Sheldon Big Bang Theory prequel

-23:50-26:05: Game of Thrones' final season confirmed to be six episodes (and pondering when Walking Dead will end)

-26:05-49:00 Iron Fist thoughts (no spoilers)

-49:00-1:13:14Iron Fist thoughts (with spoilers)

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